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Plates PL 1. SiteJ-RI3 :Puerto San Jorge. Top, looking south toward Pit 4; bottom, looking east toward Lake Nicaragua and Ometepe Island (with the Concepcion volcano ). 365 366 Archaeology of the Rivas Region, Nicaragua PL 2. Restored Espinoza Red-Banded jar; vessel height 30 cm. Plates 367 PL 3. Assorted Zoned Bichrome ceramic types: a-b, Obando Black-onRed ; c-d, Espinoza Red-Banded; e, Puerto Black-onRed ; f-g, Usulutan Resist; h, Espinoza Red-Banded; i, Bocana Incised Bichrome ; j, Garcia Ridged; k, Popoyuapa Zoned Ridged; l-m, Toya Zoned Bichrome ; n, Rosales Zoned Bichrome; o, Apompua Modelled ; p, Schettel Incised (a,e,g,l,n are intenor views; scale 5 cm.). 368 PI. 4. Assorted Early Polychrome ceramic types: a-c, Gonzales Polychrome; d-e, Potosi Applique; f, Rivas Red; G, Puchor Red Slipped and Punctated ; h, Chavez White-on-Red; i, Velasco BlackBanded ; j-i, Urcuyu White-on-Red: Urcuyu variety; m, Urcuyu White-On-Red: Punta variety; n-p, Tola Trichrome (a,i,m are interior views; scale 5 cm.). Archaeology of the Rivas Region, Nicaragua Plates 369 PL 5. Assorted Middle and Late Polychrome ceramic types: a, Sacasa Striated ; b, Luna Polychrome ; c, Sacasa Striated; d-g, Papagayo Polychrome; h, Vallejo Polychrome ; i, Mombacho Polychrome-Incised; j-k, Castillo Engraved ; I, Granada Polychrome; m, Madeira Polychrome ; n, Pataky Polychrome (b,d,i,l,m are interior views; b is 7.5 cm. wide). 370 PI. 6. Ceramic Artifacts : a, Rivas Red; b, Luna Polychrome; c, Granada Polychrome ; d, Castillo Engraved; e, Espinoza Red-Banded; f-h, undetermined types; i, Sacasa Striated ; j-l, Papagayo Polychrome; m-q, undetermined types (scale 5 cm.). Archaeology of the Rivas Region,Nicaragua Plates 371 PL 7. Stone, Bone, Shell, and Metal Artifacts : a, round mono; b, overhang mono; c-d, carved metate fragments; e,fish bone bead;f-h, shell artifacts (arrows indicate worked areas); i-l, iron clamp, nails, and lance head (scale 5 cm.). 372 Archaeology of the Rivas Region, Nicaragua PI. 8. Chavez White-on-Red bowls (scale 10 cm.). PI. 9. Chavez White-On-Red tripod grater bowl (scale 10cm.). Plates 373 PL 10. Restored Popoyuapa Zoned Ridged jar (alternating vertical bands of red and brown, zoned by ridges). (Vessel height about 50 cm.; scale 10 cm.) PL 11. TolaTnchrome vessels (scale 10 cm.). 374 Archaeology of the Rivas Region, Nicaragua PL 12. Urcuyu White-on-Red: Urcuyu variety bowls (scale 10 cm.). Plates 375 PL 13. Stone Artifacts : ground, chipped and polished: a-b, pestles; c-d, slate axes (?); e, chopperpounder ; f-j, projectile points or knives; k-m, polished celts (scale 10 cm.). This page intentionally left blank ...


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