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Acknowledgments For my stories of Templar men and women, I am indebted to the libraries I have visited in Britain and the United States, as well as to institutions in these countries and in Australia and Canada that helped me by lending or copying materials. The United Kingdom Temperance Alliance allowed me access to its private library, and the Grand Lodge of England permitted me to examine printed records at its office in Birmingham before they were deposited with the Alliance in London. I read extensively at the British Library, mostly at the Colindale newspaper library, and more briefly at the libraries of the University of London and the London School of Economics. My most important research in the United States took place at the New York Public Library, whose massive James Black temperance collection is housed in the Annex; the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison; the Department of Manuscripts and UniversityArchives , Cornell University, where I consulted the Edward C. Sturges temperance collection; the Michigan Historical Collections, Bentley Historical Library, Ann Arbor; and the Ohio Historical Society , Columbus. I also did research at the North Carolina collection, University of North Carolina; the Library of Congress; Wright State University (Martha McClellan Brown papers); the University of Washington (George F. Cotterill papers); the archives and library divisions of the Minnesota Historical Society; the Earl W. Hayter Regional Historical Center, Northern Illinois University; the Boston Public Library; the American Antiquarian Society; Florida State University; the University of Wisconsin;. the Filson Club, Louisville; the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Area Research Center, La Crosse; the Utica, New York, Public Library; the Chicago Historical Society; the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Evanston, Illinois; the University of Illinois; Indiana University; Oberlin College; Earlham ix x Acknowledgments College; the West Virginia state archives; Duke University; the Western Reserve Historical Society; and the Cleveland Public Library. Alas! I discovered that most of the non-Ohio material listed in the National Union Catalog for the last two institutions no longer exists. I also obtained photocopied or microform materials from Canter Brown Jr., Tallahassee; the University of Georgia; the University of Kentucky (filmed for me by Stephen M. Savage); the State Historical Society of North Dakota; Martha M. Pickrell, Elkhart, Indiana; the South Caroliniana Library, the University of South Carolina; J. Edwin Hendricks, Wake Forest University; the Huntington Library ; the Center for Research Libraries; Idaho Historical Society; Kansas State Historical Society; Depauw University (copied for me by John R. Riggs); the George Fox College archives (copied for me by Ralph Beebe); the California Historical Sqciety, San Francisco; Monroe County May Hill Russell Library, Key West, Florida (copied for me by Tom Hambright); the Florida Collection, Jacksonville Public Libraries (copied for me by C.H. Harris); the Black Archives, Florida A&M University; the Germantown Historical Society, Philadelphia (courtesy of David R. Contosta, Chestnut Hill College); and, in Australia, the State Library Service of Western Australia, Perth; a~d the Mitchell Library, Sydney, New South Wales. My apologies for any oversights in this list. Miami University photographed illustrations of G.W. Bain, S.B. Chase, John B. Finch, Jessie Forsyth, S.D. Hastings, J.J. Hickman, F.G. Keens, and Oronhyatekha, which appeared in Thomas F. Parker, History ofthe Independent Order ofGood Templars from the Origin ofthe Order to the Session ofthe Right Worthy Grand Lodge of1887, rev. ed. (1882; New York: Phillips & Hunt, 1887); of the Boston union conference in Frances E. Finch and Frank J. Sibley, John B. Finch: His Life and Work (New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1888); of Eliza A. Gardner in Hallie Q. Brown, Homespun Heroines and Other Women ofDistinction (Xenia, Ohio: Aldine, 1926; also reprinted, New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1988); of Joseph Malins in Joseph Malins, The Life ofJoseph Malins, Patriarch Templar, Citizen, and Temperance Reformer (Birmingham: Templar Press, 1932); of Morton Chapel and Frederic Richard Lees in Ernest Hurst Cherrington, ed., Standard Encyclopedia of the Alcohol Problem (Westerville, Ohio: American Issue, 1926-30); and, from the International Good Templar, of J.W. Hood (Aug.-Sept. 1878), John Pyper (Jan.-March 1879), S.C. Goosley (April-June 1879), Joseph E. Lee (July-Sept. 1879), Harriet N.K. Goff (Oct.-Dec. 1879), and J.G. Thrower (May 1895). The British Library photographed illustrations ofW.M. Artrell, William Wells Brown, and Acknowledgments xi Catherine Impey in the Good Templars' Watchword (12 March, 11 July 1877, 30 April 1879). The shelfmarks are 89 (for Impey) and 151 (for Artrell and Brown). I thank Barbara Wheeler of Miami University 's Applied...


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