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PREFACE The Dover Mound, at the Barrett Site, Mason County, Kentucky (Ms0 27), was excavated during the summers of 1950 and 1951 as a part of the statewide survey of prehistorical remains undertaken by the Department of Anthropology, University of Kentucky. As such, this report, although a separate, independent publication, may be considered a continuation of Reports in Anthropology and Archaeology and be cataloged as a special unnumbered issue in Volume IX of that series. The authors are grateful indeed to Mr. and Mrs. Perry Barrett, owners of the mound, for permission to undertake the excavation and for their friendly attitude toward the work. Our sincerest thanks are due also to Glenn Stille, who supervised the excavation from June 6 to July 5, 1950; to Richard B. and Natalie Woodbury, who continued the fieldwork to September l; and to Raymond A. Wilkie, Jr., who completed the excavation and graded the site according to the arrangements with the Barretts during the next summer, June 12 to August 21, 1951. Indeed, had it not been for the steady efforts of these fieldwork supervisors, this report could not have been made. We are equally grateful to student assistants under the direction of Raymond H. Thompson who toiled patiently in the museum laboratory with the cleaning, assembling, and analysis of the materials described in this report. In particular we wish to thank Ann Macklin Ham for her painstaking restoration of the mica strips found in association with Burial 9; A. E. Baxter for the plaster replica of the textile matting found with Burial 21; and William M. Bass, III) and Lee H. Hanson, Jr., for assistance in compiling the skeletal series. To Herman L. Donovan, president emeritus of the University of Kentucky, we acknowledge our thanks for preparing the historical note on the town of Dover, near which he was born and raised. The late William R. Allen of the Department of Zoology, University of Kentucky, identified the Cassis shell beads found in the Dover Mound. We gratefully acknowledge his assistance. v The Ohio State Museum has kindly permitted us to reprint the drawing of an Adena man by Robert Starbuck of the Art Department, Ohio State University. The plates for this and the other illustrations were generously provided by the University of Kentucky Research Fund Committee. Lexington, Kentucky March 15, 1959 w.s.w. C. E. S. ...


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