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Acknowledgments Every effort has been made to avoid infringing upon the copyright of any individual or institution. I am obliged to the following individuals and institutions for permission to inspect and to quote documents in which they hold the copyright: the Librarian, Manuscripts and Archives , Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University; the Trustees of the Milner Papers, New College, Oxford; the British Library; the Beaverbrook Foundation; the Masters and Fellows of Churchill College, Cambridge; National Library of Scotland; Trustees of the Imperial War Museum; the National Army Museum; the Bodleian Library; House of Lords Record Office; Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives; National Library of Scotland; Lord Esher; Lord Scarsdale; and Andrew Rawlinson. Unpublished Crown-copyright material in the Public Record Office and in Oriental and India Office Collections of the British Library is reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office. I am also indebted to the Special Collections Branch of the U.S. Army Military History Institute for providing me with photographs from its collection. A National Endowment for the Humanities Travel to Collections Grant and a sabbatical from Marshall University made possible an extensive research trip to the United Kingdom in 1987. Marshall University also provided me with valuable assistance, including a summer research grant and reassigned time for research and writing. Books, articles, and microfilm were secured from all over the United States by the helpful staff of the Morrow Library. In addition to the many fine scholars who have instructed me with their treatments of various World War I subjects, I am particularly indebted intellectually to fellow academicians who have generously extended a helping hand. Four specialists in the field, Norman A. Graebner, Edward M. Coffman, Bentley Brinkerhoff Gilbert, and John Gooch, read and commented on my first draft. Their astute vetting of my manuscript immeasurably improved its quality. Colleagues at Marshall University, especially Robert D. Sawrey and Leonard J. Deutsch, have greatly enhanced the readability and organization of this work with their stylistic suggestions and penetrating questions. Two anony- x Acknowledgments mous reviewers for the University Press of Kentucky also made a valuable contribution with their critical evaluations of the manuscript. Michael J. McCarthy, one of my graduate students who is destined to have a distinguished future in history, and Patricia Sterling, a magnificent copyeditor, played a significant part in the production of this book. Finally, I want to recognize the encouragement and sharp proofreading eye of my wife and closest friend, Martha Cobb Woodward. Any mistakes of fact or interpretation in this book, however, are of my own making. To all who assisted me in this labor of love, I give my heartfelt thanks. ...


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