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Contents Editors’ Introduction: Plato’s Menagerie 1 Part I. The Animal of Fable and Myth 1  Making Music with Aesop’s Fables in the Phaedo / Heidi Northwood 13 2  “Talk to the Animals”: On the Myth of Cronos in the Statesman / David Farrell Krell 27 Part II. Socrates as muōps and narkē 3  American Gadfly: Plato and the Problem of Metaphor / Michael Naas 43 4  Till Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown: The Aporia-fish in the Meno / Thomas Thorp 60 Part III. The Socratic Animal as Truth-Teller and Provocateur 5  We the Bird-Catchers: Receiving the Truth in the Phaedo and the Apology / S. Montgomery Ewegen 79 6 The Dog on the Fly / H. Peter Steeves 96 Part IV. The Political Animal 7 Taming Horses and Desires: Plato’s Politics of Care / Jeremy Bell 115 8  Who Let the Dogs Out? Tracking the Philosophical Life among the Wolves and Dogs of the Republic / Christopher P. Long 131 Part V. The (En)gendered Animal 9  The City of Sows and Sexual Differentiation in the Republic / Marina McCoy 149 10  Animality and Sexual Difference in the Timaeus / Sara Brill 161 Part VI. The Philosophical Animal 11 Animal Sacrifice in Plato’s Later Methodology / Holly Moore 179 12  The Animals That Therefore We Were? Aristophanes’s Double-Creatures and the Question of Origins / Drew A. Hyland 193 Part VII. Animals and the Afterlife 13  Animals and Angels: The Myth of Life as a Whole in Republic 10 / Claudia Baracchi 209 14  Of Beasts and Heroes: The Promiscuity of Humans and Animals in the Myth of Er / Francisco J. Gonzalez 225 List of Contributors 247 Plato’s Animals Index 249 Name and Subject Index 257 PLATO’S ANIMALS This page intentionally left blank ...


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