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Appendices 149 APPENDIX I Bascom Lamar Lunsford's Memory Collection of Ballads, Songs, Hymns, Singing Games, Fiddle Tunes, Stories, Verse, etc. The ballads, songs, hymns and singing games are identified where possible with references to Francis James Child's English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Cecil Sharp's English Folk Songs /rom the Southern Mountains, G. Malcolm Laws' American Balladry /rom the British Broadsides and Native American Balladry, The Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore, Leonard Roberts' The Sang Branch Settlers (containing the oral traditions of the Couch family of eastern Kentucky), George Pullen Jackson's White Spirituals of the Southern Uplands (U), White and Negro Spirituals (W) and Another Sheaf of White Spirituals (A) and Vance Randolph's Ozark Folksongs(4 vols.). Also, the name and location of Lunsford's source of the item, dates, occasional comments from Lunsford, and other such information is included for most of the material. The grouping is assuggested by Lunsford's classifications. Group A-Variants of English and Scottish ballads in the Child Collection. Barbara Allen (Bonny Barbara Allen). Child 84. Black Jack Davie (The Gypsy laddie). Child 200. Selma Clubb, South Turkey Creek, Buncombe County, North Carolina Bonnie George Campbell. Child 210. The Death of Queen Jane. Child 170. "Known since childhood. It is traditionally sung in the Southern Appalachian Region." The False Wife (James Harris or the Demon Lover). Child 243. The Gallow's Tree (The Maid Freed from the Gallows). Child 95. Mrs. Dill, Henderson County, North Carolina. George CoUins (Lady Alice). Child 85. Miss Lois Whitted, Leicester High School, North Carolina. Little Marget (Fair Margaret and Sweet William). Child 74. Miss Loretta Payne, Roaring Fork, Madison County, North Carolina. Lord Daniel's Wife (Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard). Child 81. T.L. Sigmond Alexander County, North Carolina. Lord Lovel. Child 75. Mrs. Charles Parker, Raleigh, North Carolina. Lord Thomas (Lord Thomas and Fair Anett). Child 73. Mrs. Wycaster, Raven's Ford, Oconalufty River, North Carolina. The Mermaid. Child 289. Merry Golden Tree (The Golden Vanity). Child 286. Ada Moss, CuUowhee, North Carolina. 150 The Old Man of the North Country (The Two Sisters). Child 10. "Sung In the Great Smokles." The Old Man Who Uved Under the Hill (The Farmer's Curst Wife). Child 278. Hettie Lane, Rabbit Ham Creek, Buncombe County, North Carolina. The Proud Irish Lady (The Brown Girl). Child 295. Miss Etta McKinney, "Dark Comers Section" between North and South Carolina, 1925. The Three Uttle Babes (The Wife of Usher's WeD). Child 79. Bonnie Meadows, Madison County, North Carolina. The Three Night's Experience (Our Goodman). Child 274. Group B-Other ballads, including those from British broadSides, American ballads about murders, and disasters, comic ballads, ballads of author origin and some that in a more technical classification might well be in a folk song category, but all of which tell stories. Awake, 0, Awake (The Drowsy Sleeper). Laws M 4. Mrs. Lennie Green, Meat Camp Creek, Watauga County, North Carolina. Barney McCoy. Brown 11113. Charlie Weatherman, Iredell County, North Carolina. Bill Ormand. 'This is based on a tragedy taking place in eastern North Carolina several years ago.' Booth (Booth Killed Uncoln). "I've known the tune Wilkes Booth since a boy. I secured a text from W. J. Morgan, Transylvania County, North Carolina, some several years ago." Brady. Laws I 9. Miss Cooper Martin, Briar Creek, Wilkes County, North Carolina (1903). The Broken Engagement. Brown II 115 B. Bryan's Last Battle (About William Jennings Bryan In the Scopes Trial). Composed by Lunsford In 1925. Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie. Laws B I. Miss Edwina Bryson, Cowee School, Macon County, North Carolina. The Butcher Boy. Laws P 24. Lois Witted, Uecester, North Carolina. Captain, Captain Tell Me True. Bown II 104 B,C, and D. Mrs. Minyard Miller Bluff, Madison County, North Carolina. Casey Jones. Laws G 1. Charles Guiteau (About the assaSSin of President Garfield). Laws E 11. Courtin' the Widow. Ms. Cinderella Kenard, West Plains Missouri. Czolgotz (or Buffalo, about the assassin of President McKinley). Darby's Ram (The Ram of Derby). Brown 11176. The Dishonest Miller (The Miller's Will). Laws Q 21. Edward (Edwin in the Lowlands Low). Laws M 34. Mrs. D.W. Townsend, Bat Cave, North Carolina. Ellen Smith (About a murder in Forsythe County, North Carolina in 1893) . Laws F 11. Lulu Browning, Nebo, North Carolina (1925). "This is sung to the tune of How Arm a Foundation." The Farmer's Boy. Laws Q 30...


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