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Contents PREFACE VU INTRODUCTION 3 PART ONE: THE GENESIS OF THE PERSILES ROMANCES OF CHIVALRY AND THE CLASSICAL AESTHETIC CHAPTER I. The Critique and Purification of the Romance of Chivalry n The Moralistic Critique of the Romance of Chivalry 13 The Aesthetic Critique of the Romance of Chivalry 20 Tasso and the Aesthetic Purification of the Romance 27 Conclusion 43 A Note on the Empirical Orientation of Renaissance Interpretations of Mimesis 45 CHAPTER 11. Heliodorus and Literary Theory 49 Pierre-Daniel Huet 51 Amyot 55 Scaliger 64 Tasso 66 El Pinciano 68 Conclusion 85 PART TWO: CERVANTES AND THE CLASSICAL AESTHETIC DON QUIXOTE CHAPTER III. The Dialogue Between the Canon and Don Quixote 91 The Canon's Critique of the Romances 92 The Legitimate Marvelous and the Ideal Romance 95 A Comic Interlude: the Critical Response to Classicism 104 Don Quixote's Defense of the Romances 107 Conclusion 124 CHAPTER IV. The Narrator and His Audience: The Liberation of the Imagination 131 The Narrating Author vs. the Critical Audience 132 The Cave of Montesinos 137 ix Contents Master Pedro's Puppet Show 146 Clavileno and the Braying Ass 152 Cide Hamete Benengeli 155 PART THREE: CERVANTES AND THE CLASSICAL AESTHETIC PERSILES Y SIGISMUNDA CHAPTER V. The Critical Examination of Literary Theory in the Persiles 169 Literary Theory as a Theme of the Persiles 169 The Interlude of the Counterfeit Captives 170 CHAPTER VI. Periandro's Narration 187 The Hero as Poet 187 The Fishermen's Wedding: the Problem of Unity 195 CHAPTER VII. Topics of the Marvelous 212 The Garden Paradise 212 The Marvelous Horse 245 CHAPTER VIII. The Narrator of the Persiles 257 Ambivalence Concerning the Range of Permissible Commentary 258 Literary Ambivalence in the Discursive Narrator 270 Conclusion 298 PART FOUR: THE CERVANTINE FIGURE OF THE POET IMPOSTOR OR GOD? CHAPTER IX. The Cervantine Figure of the Poet: Impostor or God? 305 The Poet as an Outsider: La Gitanilla 306 The Triumph of Proteus: Pedro de Urdemalas 319 CONCLUSION. Classicism, Truth, and the Novel 339 BIBLIOGRAPHY 349 INDEX 361 X CERVANTES, ARISTOTLE, AND THE PERSILES ...


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