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Preface This book is a revised version of my doctoral dissertation. I have provided English translations for all quotations in foreign languages (except those in the footnotes). I have used the Ormsby and the Cohen translations of the Quixote, N. Macoll's translation of the Exemplary Novels, H. Oelsner and A. B. Wellford's translation of the Galatea, and L. D. Stanley's translation of the Persiles, modifying occasionally in order to bring out the sense of the Spanish necessary to my argument. Translations of all other works cited are my own unless otherwise indicated. I wish to express my thanks to Professor Vicente Llorens and to Professor Raymond S. Willis, both of whom offered me guidance , criticism, and encouragement, and generously shared their broad knowledge of Cervantes studies with me; both have profoundly influenced my ideas. I am grateful to those who have read the completed manuscript and offered helpful criticisms and valuable suggestions for revisions: Professors Juan Bautista Avalle-Arce, Robert Hollander, Elias L. Rivers, and Ira Wade. I am also grateful to my teachers and colleagues at Princeton University who followed my work with interest and were always willing to help me with particular problems: the late Professor E.B.O. Borgerhoff and Professors Blanchard Bates, Claudio Guillen, A. Bartlett Giamatti, John Hughes, James Irby, Enrique Tierno Galvan, and Karl Uitri. Professors Pietro Aragno, John Cameron, Paolo Cucchi, and Helmut Dreitzel kindly offered me advice and assistance in the translation of Renaissance texts. Polly Hanford has been a resourceful and helpful editor. Evan Kimble has been a stimulating critic. My wife has been a charming assistant. To each of them go my thanks. My greatest debt of all is to Professor Edmund L. King, who introduced me to Spanish culture several years ago and has accompanied me as teacher and friend through my undergraduate and graduate studies. He has helped me with this book in every possible way—with advice concerning editorial difficulties and probvii lems of translation, with illuminating criticisms of its major argument , and with constant encouragement. Finally, I wish to thank the Research Committee of Princeton University for a grant which made possible the publication of this book. A. K. F. Princeton, New Jersey viii ...


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