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Contents Foreword Michael L. Conniff Xl Introduction The Confederados Cyrus B. Dawsey andJames M. Dawsey I One Leaving The Context of the Southern Emigration to Brazil Cyrus B. Dawsey andJames M. Dawsey I I Two The Journey The Sarah Bellona Smith Ferguson Narrative Edited by Cyrus B. Dawsey andJames M. Dawsey 24 Three Settling Migration of the McMullan Colonists and Evolution of the Colonies in Brazil William C. Griggs 50 Four Fitting In Relocating Family and Capital within the NineteenthCentury Atlantic World Economy: The Brazilian Connection LauraJarnagin 66 viii Contents Five The Heritage The Conjederados' Contributions to Brazilian Agriculture, Religion, and Education James M. Dawsey and Cyrus B. Dawsey 84 Six The Baptists Southern Religion and Emigres to Brazil, 1865-1885 Wayne Flynt I05 Seven The Methodists The Southern Migrants and the Methodist Mission James M. Dawsey I I6 Eight A Community Center Evolution and Significance of the Campo Site in the Santa Barbara Settlement Area Cyrus B. Dawsey I38 Nine Constructing Identity Defining the ~ Descendants in Brazil John C. Dawsey I55 Ten The Language The Preservation of Southern Speech among the Colonists Michael B. Montgomery and Cecil Ataide Melo I76 Eleven Conclusions Currents in Conjederado Research Cyrus B. Dawsey andJames M. Dawsey I9I ix Contents Postscript Reflections of a Confederado Eugene C. Harter 206 Notes 2II Annotated Bibliography James M. Gravois and ElizabethJ Weisbrod 247 Contributors 267 Index 269 ...


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