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245 SelectBibliography Manto Papers The collection—­ consisting of letters, some by Manto but mainly those he received from relatives, friends, and admirers; published and unpublished handwritten manuscripts of his short stories and screenplays; as well as a collection of photographs —­is in Nusrat Jalal’s possession in Lahore. English Books Bhalla, Alok. Life and Works of Saadat Hasan Manto. Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 1997. Chughtai, Ismat. A Life in Words: Memoirs. Translated by M. Asaduddin . New Delhi: Penguin, 2012. Flemming, Leslie A. Another Lonely Voice: The Life and Works of Saadat Hasan Manto. Lahore: Vanguard Press, 1978. Hasan, Khalid, trans. Bitter Fruits: The Very Best of Saadat Hasan Manto. New Delhi: Penguin, 2008. ———. Kingdom’s End and Other Stories. London: Verso, 1987. 246 Select Bibliography Hasan, Khalid. Letters to Uncle Sam. Islamabad: Alhamra Printing, 2001. ———. A Wet Afternoon: Stories, Sketches, Reminiscences. Islamabad : Alhamra, 2001. Jalal, Ayesha. Partisans of Allah: Jihad in South Asia. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2008. ———. Self and Sovereignty: Individual and Community in South Asian Islam since 1850. London: Routledge, 2000. ———. The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League and the Demand for Pakistan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985. Jalal, Ayesha, and Nusrat Jalal, eds. Manto. Lahore: Sang-­e-­Meel Publications, 2012. Jalal, Hamid. Black Milk. Lahore: Sang-­e-­Meel, 1997. Mir, Ali Husain, and Raza Mir. Anthems of Resistance. New Delhi: Roli Books, 2011. Naqvi, Tahira, trans.. My Friend, My Enemy: Essays, Reminiscences, Portraits. New Delhi: Kali for Women, 2001. Taseer, Aatish, trans. Manto: Short Stories. Noida: Random House, 2008. Zaheer, Sajjad. The Light: A History of the Movement for Progressive Literature in the Indo-­Pak Subcontinent. A translation of Roshnai by Amina Azfar. Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2006. Journals Journal of South Asian Literature 20, no. 2, The Writings of Saadat Hasan Manto (Summer/Fall 1985). Annual of Urdu Studies 16 (2001). Urdu Books Ashk, Upendranath. Manto: Mera Dushman. Allahabad: Naya Idarah, 1979. 247 Select Bibliography Bukhari, Ali Sana. Saadat Hasan Manto (Tehqiq). Lahore: Manto Academy, 2006. Chander, Krishan. Naye Adab Ke Maimar—­Saadat Hasan Manto. Bombay: Kutub Publishers, 1948. Jalal, Ayesha, and Nusrat Jalal, eds. Manto. Lahore: Sang-­e-­Meel Publications, 2012. Manto, Saadat Hasan. Manto Dramay. Lahore: Sang-­e-­Meel, 1996. ———. Manto Kahanian. Lahore: Sang-­e-­Meel, 1995. ———. Manto Nama. Lahore: Sang-­e-­Meel, 1990. ———. Manto Numa. Lahore: Sang-­e-­Meel, 1991. ———. Manto Rama. Lahore: Sang-­e-­Meel, 1990. Qasimi, Ahmad Nadeem, comp. Manto ke Khutut, Nadeem Ke Naam. Lahore: Pakistan Books and Literary Sounds, 1991. Qureshi, Abu Saeed. Manto (Swaneh). Lahore: Idara-­i-­Faroogh-­i-­ Urdu, ca. 1955. Saeed, Mohammad, ed. Nau Adarat Manto. Lahore: Idara-­i-­ Faroogh-­i-­Mutala, 2009. Journals Naqoosh—­Manto Number. Lahore: Idara-­i-­Faroogh-­i-­Urdu, 1955. Naqoosh—­Lahore Number Edited by Mohammad Tufail. Lahore: Idara-­i-­Faroogh-­i-­Urdu. No. 92 (February 1962), pt. 2. ...


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