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Acknowledgments Thisvolumeemergedfromaseriesofconversations,impressions,andinsights that I have had over a number of years with friends, colleagues, and students as we considered the practice and the study of Islam in the Caribbean. This journey of ideas began a couple of decades ago during my dissertation fieldwork and was enriched by early discussions with scholars at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad—notably, at that time, with Brinsley Samaroo, Rhoda Reddock, and Patricia Mohammed. Since then, with further study and many more conversations, the journey has become increasingly multilayered and complex, broadening the aim and the scope of the subject matter both geographically and analytically and, in the process, revealing the exciting prospect of how much still remains to be learned and understood about Muslims and the lifeworlds that both shape and are shaped by their diverse populations and communities. I am grateful to the contributors, who, with their carefully crafted and thoughtful work, have made this volume what it is. I am also grateful to the UniversityPressofFloridafortheirearlyandunflaggingsupportoftheproject and to Sally Antrobus for her conscientious editing. Our anonymous reviewers offered indispensable comments and suggestions. In addition, I would like to thank Allyson Purpura for her expert curatorial assistance with images for the volume’s cover, and I extend special gratitude to Kate Crehan and Barbara Weinstein for generously providing invaluable feedback on my own two chapters. Finally, I thank the Humanities Initiative of New York University for awarding me a Research Fellowship and a Grants-in-Aid award, which allowed me to devote time to develop and complete this project.· ix · This page intentionally left blank ...


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