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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Far too many people had a hand in the ideas presented in this book for me to acknowledge them all adequately. Most likely, I am not even aware of the source of many of the concepts. I have attempted in the footnotes to show to where I turned when dealing with particular aspects of the problem. How­ ever, I would like to single out several people. Professor Samuel P. Huntington gave freely of his time from the inception of this project through its completion. I want to thank him for his unfailing support, as well as his useful comments. I am also grateful to Samuel L. Popkin who made incisive criticisms throughout. My interest in the plight of peasants was in part sparked by his commitment to the subject. Robert I. Rhodes gave me a long list of useful com­ ments which I have used throughout. Also, I would like to express my appreciation to John Dun­ can Powell, Frances R. Hill, Jeffrey Race, Jorge Dominguez, Shimshon Zelniker, Everett E. Hagen, Penina M. Glazer, Myron Glazer, and Barbara Kreiger. They all read earlier versions of various parts of the book and gave useful (and used) criticisms. The members of the Ford Foundation office in New Delhi helped make my stay in India, and particularly in Uttar Pradesh, enjoyable and productive. I particularly want to thank Dr. Johnson and Mr. Shri Nath Singh of the Agricultural Division. A special "thank you" goes to my wife Marcy. She was ACKNOWLEDGMENTS chief critic, interpreter, interviewer of peasant women, travel­ ing companion, and editorial associate. Finally, I have dedi­ cated this work to my parents, who lit in me the spark of the quest for knowledge and wisdom. J. S.M. Peasants, Politics, and Revolution ...


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