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PREFACE 1 HIS book could not have been written without the help and encouragement of Jacques-Rene Rabier, special advisor to the Commission of the European Community. It is a pleasure to thank him for the many suggestions he has contributed, and the Commission , for generously making the European Community survey data available to me and other social scientists. I am also greatly indebted to a group of colleagues who have discussed these topics with me, in the process of developing an ongoing investigation of political change among mass publics that has led to a forthcoming volume edited by Samuel Barnes and Max Kaase. This investigation has done much to stimulate and clarify the analysis in this book. Besides Barnes and Kaase, my colleagues in this broader project are Mark Abrams, Klaus Allerbeck, Anselm Eder, Cees de Graaf, David Handley, Felix Heunks, M. Kent Jennings, Henry Kerr, Hans-Dieter Klingemann, Alberto Marradi, Alan Marsh, David Matheson, Warren Miller, Pertti Pesonen, Leopold Rosenmayr , Giacomo Sani, Risto Sankiaho, Dusan Sidjanski, and Philip Stouthard. A number of other friends and colleagues have contributed valuable suggestions and criticism, in particular Paul Abramson, Gabriel Almond, Frank Andrews, David Appel, Philip Converse, Karl Deutsch, Richard Hofferbert, Leon Lindberg, Seymour Martin Lipset, A.F.K. Organski, Robert Putnam, Helene Riflault, David Segal, Donald Stokes, Burkhard Strumpel, and Steven Withey. The University of Michigan provided a grant from the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies and a sabbatical leave during which most of the chapters were written; both are greatly appreciated. ...


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