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340 340 (by order of reference) 1. Frederick Franck, Saint Francis and the Birds 2. Swan Lake 3. New Harmony Inn 4. David Dale Owen Laboratory 5. Former site of Harmonist Community House No. 3 6. Former site of Harmonist shoe factory 7. Rapp-Owen Granary 8. Rapp-Maclure-Owen House (former Corbin home) 9. Former site 1874 & 1913 school building 10. Working Men’s Institute 11. Former site Standard Oil of Indiana gas station 12. Harmonist ­house on Steammill, No. V 13. Ribeyre Gymnasium 14. Rawlings House 15. “Plea­sure Boat” screened porch 16. Green­house 17. St. Benedict Cloister Garden 18. Richard Meier, The Atheneum 19. Harmonist Community House No. 2 20. Church Park and Don Gummer, Fountain of Commitment (former site of the Harmonist brick cruciform church) 21. New Harmony School site (on area map) 22. Harmonist and Native American cemetery 23. Amy Sandefur’s former lot 24. Murphy Auditorium 25. Kilbinger House 26. Log Cabin 27. Mother Superior House 28. Lichtenberger Building—Maximilian-Bodmer Exhibit 29. Poet’s House 30. David Lenz House Town Map Legend Town Map Legend 341 31. Sycamore 32. Poet’s House Lawn with Elm 33. Roofless Church 34. Lipchitz, Descent of the Holy Spirit (Notre Dame de Liesse) 35. Farmland view from balcony of Roofless Church 36. Barrett-Gate House 37. 1860 Miller/Arneberg House (on area map) 38. Lipchitz, The Suzanne Glémet Memorial Gate 39. Paul Tillich Park 40. Thomas Say tomb 41. Fauntleroy House 42. James Rosati, Head of Tillich 43. The Red Geranium Restaurant 44. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church 45. The New Harmony Inn (see 3 above) 46. Entry House 47. Waddams Chapel 48. Orchard House 49. Tillich Dining Room 50. Stephen De Staebler, Angel of the Annunciation 51. Stephen De Staebler, Pietà 52. Stephen De Staebler, Chapel of the Little Portion (Saint Francis Chapel) 53. 1840 Garden House 54. Owen Community House, the Artists’ Guild 55. Carol’s Garden 56. David Rodger, Fountain of Life 57. Carroll Harris Simms, ­mother-­daughter bench 58. Thrall Opera House and Golden Troupe Exhibit 59. Antique Showrooms at the Mews 60. New Harmony Inn Swimming Pool 61. J. Breith Building 62. Salomon Wolfe House 63. New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art 64. New Harmony Conference Center 65. Historic New Harmony 66. The MacLeod Barn Abbey 67. Tobi Kahn, Shalev 68. Cathedral Labyrinth and Sacred Garden 69. Simon Verity, Orpheus Fountain 70. Sarah Campbell Blaffer Studio 71. Shrine of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, wayside shrine, dedicated to Thomas Merton Jane Blaffer Owen stands in the doorway of her home on Pinewold in Houston. April 18, 2015 marks the centennial of Jane Blaffer Owen’s birth in Houston, Texas. Photograph by Christina Girard, 2009. Facing. Jane Blaffer Owen gathers peonies at Fragrant Farms in New Harmony to distribute to friends and visitors. Photograph by Randa Christy. Courtesy of Fragrant Farms ( My greatest hope for New Harmony is that this place be one of healing and reconciliation. —Jane Blaffer Owen Proceeds from the sale of my memoir will benefit the foundation named in honor of my father, the Robert Lee Blaffer Foundation, P.O. Box 399, New Harmony, Indiana 47631. Should you wish to support personally our ongoing mission in New Harmony, donations are gratefully accepted and put to good use. This page intentionally left blank ...

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