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Buck Angel was born female and survived a tumultuous and anguished youth to become the successful self-made man he is today. Parlaying the self-esteem and confidence he garnered through his sex change, he made history as the world’s first female-to-male transsexual (FTM) porn star. In 2007, he became the first FTM to win the prestigious Transsexual Performer of the Year Award from AVN. Buck Angel is also a groundbreaking filmmaker who has produced a series of public service announcements on seldom discussed topics , and a unique pair of documentaries about trans mens’sexualities, one for the mainstream, and the other for an adult audience. He’s an entrepreneur who has gone from pioneering a new adult-industry niche, FTM porn, to appearing in mainstream media. More recently, he’s become a motivational speaker, educating people about sexuality and gender, with a universal message of learning to love one’s self. M y name is Buck Angel. I am a man. I have a vagina and I work in the sex industry. From the moment we’re born, our culture tells us that genitals determine gender and not all genitals are created equal: we are taught that having a vagina makes you weak. Many women grow up feeling like it is not okay to be sexually at peace with their vaginas. I certainly felt that way for many years. I had a very hard time with my vagina; I could not touch it or really look at it. I was ashamed of it—not so much because I was “female,” but more because I didn’t like my vagina. It made me feel like I was less of a man. Through my sex change and the use of testosterone, I became more sexually aware and my body became more sensitive. I felt compelled to explore my body in ways I hadn’t before I transitioned from female to male. Then, one day while masturbating, I just slipped my fingers inside myself. What a powerful feeling to be able to have an orgasm with a part of my body I had never fully experienced before. Eventually, I became The Power of My Vagina Buck Angel comfortable engaging in penetration with a partner. I became so excited and positive about my vagina that I decided I wanted to share it with everyone! I couldn’t find any role models of guys like me in the porn world, so I decided to step up to the plate myself. When I first started my work in the adult industry, I wanted to represent myself as a transsexual man who was sexual and confident. I wanted to show that I could enjoy my vagina as a man, and that I didn’t have to feel ashamed or disgusted. Porn isn’t afraid of showing you everything, and I wasn’t going to be either. But when I first began, I had no idea that my work would ignite such a firestorm of controversy. The negativity and hate that my porn unleashed was primarily from biological men, I think perhaps because they are so attached to the idea that “the penis makes the man.” But some women and trans men also spewed hate and venom at me. Some said that sexually explicit films are degrading, especially toward women. Plenty of trans men were horrified that I showed the world that there are men like me out there. They were concerned that I was trying to represent all trans men, and make everyone think that all trans men enjoy their vaginas and use them in the same way. My intention was only to represent myself, and to show that I took pride in myself and my vagina—to demonstrate that I wasn’t any less of a man because I enjoy being penetrated (by both men and women). To be able to experience sexual gratification from my vagina on film has been hugely liberating and empowering. It has provided me with even more self-confidence, along with a great deal of pleasure. Some trans guys contacted me to thank me. Before seeing my porn, they didn’t feel comfortable with their bodies, and they thought they would have to get a penis to be a “complete man.” Many of these guys denied themselves sex because they were unable to enjoy the bodies that they—and the majority of trans men—have. (The surgery to create a penis is very expensive, risky, often unsuccessful...


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