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Jiz Lee is a genderqueer porn star known for their androgynous look, female ejaculation, vaginal fisting, strap-on performances, and fun, sex-positive attitude. The award-winning performer prefers the pronouns “they/them,” and advocates for ethical pornography that creatively and authentically reflects queer sexuality. Ever fascinated by the radical potential of sex, love, and art, Jiz runs a personal blog and philanthropic “Karma Pervs” pay site at They are editor of the upcoming anthology How to Come Out Like a Porn Star: Essays from the Porn Industry on Family Matters. I ’m wearing a bright pastel blue suit I hand-dyed myself to match the suit worn by David Bowie in his music video for “Life on Mars.” I’m a dapper version of Bowie, standing for photos with a golden glammedup Adrianna Nicole in one of the biggest and most outlandishly decorated homes I’ve ever seen. Adrianna has handpicked her co-stars, creating scenes from her personal fantasies. She reclines on a white chaise lounge, gold lamé legs wrapped around me, wide eyes hungry. My large, flesh-colored strap-on cock juts out from the fly of my David Bowie blue pants and my hand pushes forcefully into her mouth. It all feels so good. Warm, wet, incredibly intimate. My fingers probe her wide mouth. I could do this for hours. At some point, I see a trace amount of blood in her saliva, tinted spit against the white of her teeth. I hesitate for a second, but she lets me know she’s fine. We fuck in different positions, ending as Adrianna cums hard with a Hitachi Magic Wand against her clit and my thumb pressed far up her pink ass. Pause. Rewind. Let’s watch the scene from the beginning. Where does this porn really start? Maybe in 2005, on a bright San Francisco day, where I met an erotic photographer named Syd, and I hit on her. My desire was twofold: I wanted her and I wanted to create sexual art. Uncategorized: Genderqueer Identity and Performance in Independent and Mainstream Porn Jiz Lee I was curating a queer Asian Pacific Islander (API) dance performance and the theater I rented had a large lobby with empty wall space that would be perfect for visual art to complement the show. Syd’s work was part of a queer Asian women’s art show titled “SLIT,” and her large prints of androgynous Hapa (mixed-heritage) queers in BDSM scenarios portrayed an element of sexuality that I could relate to. It’s not often I see artists I could identify with, other queers like me. I felt a magnetic familiarity with Syd and the models in her photographs. An attractive, brainy art student with a muscular build, Syd’s freckled cheeks held a blend of American-European and Japanese ancestry; her slightly butch demeanor was contrasted by curly light brown hair in pigtails. It was genderqueer Hapa love at first sight. Weeks later, I found myself in her bedroom talking about her work, which decorated the walls of her small apartment in the Mission. After agreeing on which of her prints we’d hang, I casually mentioned that I would be interested in modeling for her if she was doing any new projects , to which she responded positively; she added that if I were interested in being filmed, a friend of hers was starting a queer porn company and was casting. She pulled out a Post-it note and wrote a phone number and the name “Shine Louise Houston.” Six months later, Syd and I were lustfully dating . . . and preparing for our first scene together in what would become a smash dyke porn hit, The Crash Pad. I say our dating was lustful, but I’m not sure if that’s the right word. Libidinous? We would plow over each other at sweaty queer dance parties, making out like ravenous, rabid dogs in heat. We were in love, in the most limerence-is-a-drug state imaginable, our orifices and sexy parts engorged extensions of the braingasms we had for one another. I don’t think our connection can be put into words; it was best expressed through art and on several occasions, as we made love on film.1 People often ask me, “What made you decide you wanted to do porn?” and I tell them the truth: I want to share my sexual expression with others. I like it, it feels liberating, and I...


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