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Ingrid Ryberg is the director of the drag king documentary Dragkingdom of Sweden (2002), the lesbian short Phone Fuck (2009), one of the shorts in the Swedish feminist porn film collection Dirty Diaries, with Mia Engberg (2009). She has published articles in academic journals , such as Film International, Montage AV, and Frauen und Film, and regularly writes for the Swedish movie magazine FLM. In 2012 she defended her doctoral thesis,“Imagining Safe Space: The Politics and Ethics of Queer, Feminist, and Lesbian Pornography,” in the Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden. L aunched in 2006, the Pornfilmfestival Berlin has become a central arena for the current queer, feminist, and lesbian porn film culture. Though the festival has hosted guests such as Candida Royalle and Shine Louise Houston and workshops on feminist porn and safer sex since its inception, the audience for the festival is quite mixed. When I attended the festival in October 2010, I had a deeply ambivalent experience . I went to see the film Much More Pussy by the French director Emilie Jouvet, one of the prominent figures in the current wave of queer, feminist, and lesbian porn in Europe and North America. Much More Pussy is the second film Jouvet made that documents the burlesque performance “The Queer X Show,” where a group of seven sex-radical women toured Europe in a minibus during the summer of 2009. While the first film Too Much Pussy: Feminist Sluts in The Queer X Show focuses on the performances and discussions among the seven women, the second film, Much More Pussy, focuses more on the sexual encounters that occurred during their tour. I had attended “The Queer X Show” when they performed in Stockholm in August 2009 and was excited to see what Jouvet had made of the footage documenting the tour. During the screening something occurred that forced me to grapple with the simultaneous experience of pleasure and danger involved in “Every time we fuck, we win”: The Public Sphere of Queer, Feminist, and Lesbian Porn as a (Safe) Space for Sexual Empowerment Ingrid Ryberg porn spectatorship for women. As I will discuss later, this incident made me powerfully aware of how there can be no simple equation between queer, feminist, and lesbian pornography and empowerment. In this article, I intend to unravel some of the issues at stake in queer, feminist, and lesbian porn film culture and struggles for sexual empowerment. I draw on ethnographic fieldwork in European porn production and exhibition contexts, specifically the Pornfilmfestival Berlin screening of Much More Pussy. I argue that this film culture may act as both a counter public and an intimate public space for queer, feminist, and lesbian subjects, and that it is in the tensions and dynamic transactions between these notions of publicness that the potential for a safe space can be both located and undermined. Importantly, empowerment is not an issue of individual agency. Rather, it is an ongoing and collective process of negotiating the norms that both surround and incorporate us. I claim that this continuous, collective negotiation can potentially make queer, feminist, and lesbian pornography a safe space for sexual empowerment for women and queer people. Claiming Public Space for Queer, Feminist, and Lesbian Sexual Discourse “The Queer X Show” and the Pornfilmfestival Berlin are two examples of the contemporary queer, feminist, and lesbian porn film culture as it has emerged in Europe over the last decade. Other examples are the Post Porn Politics Symposium held in Berlin in October 2006 (hosting guests such as Annie Sprinkle), Paris Porn Film Fest launched in 2009, the performance collective Girls Who Like Porno in Barcelona (2003–2007), and the Swedish feminist porn collection Dirty Diaries: Twelve Shorts of Feminist Porn (Engberg, 2009), for which I directed the lesbian short Phone Fuck (Ryberg, 2009). The emergence of this film culture in Europe is closely related to and overlapping with North American examples such as the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto (2006–) and the Good Vibrations Independent Erotic Film Festival in San Francisco (2005–). San Francisco-based filmmakers such as Shine Louise Houston, Courtney Trouble, and Madison Young are frequent guests at the Pornfilmfestival Berlin and “The Queer X Show,” which gathers sex-radical women from France, Germany, and from the United States. In the Too Much Pussy press release on Facebook, explicit reference was made to American “pro-sex” feminists such as Annie Sprinkle, Candida Royalle, and Carol Queen; it positioned the performers in “The “every time we fuck...


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