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The Anarchist's Doom. Originally released as The Tube of Death. Dir. Alexander Butler. Barker, 1913.

The Countryman and the Cinematograph. Alt. title The Countryman's First Sight of Animated Pictures. Paul's Animatograph Works, 1901.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dir. Rouben Malmoulian, 1931.

Duel to the Death. Perf. Edith Blanche and Beatrice Homer. British Mutoscope & Biograph, 1898.

Everybody against the Policeman. Clarendon, 1908.

The Eviction. Dir. Alfred Collins. Gaumont, 1904.

Foiled By a Girl. Dir. Percy Stow. Perf. Dorothy Bellew. Clarendon, 1912.

An Interrupted Honeymoon. Dir. Lewin Fitzhamon. Hepworth, 1905.

The Militant Suffragette. Alt. title A Busy Day. Dir. Charlie Chaplin. Keystone, 1914.

Our New Policeman. Dir. Lewin Fitzhamon. Hepworth, 1907.

Sabotage. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. Gaumont British, 1936.

Salome Mad. Dir. A. E. Coleby. Cricks and Martin, 1909.

St. Leonard's Outrage. Pathé, 1913.

A Subject for the Rogues' Gallery. American Mutoscope and Biograph, 1904.

The Suffragette Derby of 1913. Gaumont, 1913.

Suffragette Riots at Westminster. Pathé, 1910.

The Suffragettes' Downfall; Or, Who Said “Rats”? Dir. Fred Rains. Acme Films, 1911.

Thirty-Nine Steps. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. Gaumont British, 1935.

Three-Fingered Kate: Kate Purloins the Wedding Presents. Dir. H. O. Martinek. Perf. Ivy Martinek, Alice Moseley, Charles Calvert, and Fred Paul. B&C, 1912.

Trafalgar Square Riot. Pathé, 1913.

Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show. Edison, 1902.

A Wife's Revenge; Or, the Gambler's End. Cricks and Sharp, 1904.

A Woman's Treachery. Dir. Theo Bouwmeester. Hepworth, 1910.

Women's Rights. Riley Brothers, 1899.

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