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Acknowledgments First, I would like to thank the anonymous readers at the University Press of Florida for their insightful and careful feedback. Acquisitions editor Shannon McCarthy warrants special mention for her enthusiasm for this project and for her incredible skill and attentiveness. I am also grateful that the manuscript benefited from Nevil Parker’s and Elaine Durham Otto’s editing dexterity. For archival research assistance, I thank Elizabeth Dunn at Duke University ’s David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library and Nancy Kuhl and Natalia Sciarini at Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library . For permission to reprint archival material and visual images, I thank the estates of Langston Hughes, H.D., Bryher, and Charles Addams. For permission to reprint extensive quotations from Gertrude Stein’s The Geographical History of America, I thank Random House. (Any third party use of this material, outside of this publication, is prohibited. Interested parties must apply directly to Random House LLC for permission.) Susan Stanford Friedman’s encouragement and guidance have been invaluable to this project. Her depth and breadth of knowledge, intellectual generosity, and commitment to mentoring young scholars continue to be unparalleled. Priscilla Wald, Susan Walsh, Laura Severin, Celena Kusch, Jody Cardinal, Kathleen Kearns, Anne Baker, and Jennifer Ho have been generous with their time and acuity in reading portions of the manuscript, and I thank them. Scott Kirsch’s help with my navigation of historical geography is much appreciated. For research assistance and help with the final manuscript, I gratefully acknowledge Lindsay York and Kristina Bender. At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, my work with Bruce Burgett, Mary Layoun, and Rob Nixon helped me refine my ideas. Cyrena Pondrom deserves special thanks for her eye-opening introduction to the world of modernist poetry as does Lynn Keller for exposing me to an exciting array of later experimental work. For intellectual exchange and friendship, I thank Andrea Kaston-Tange, Michelle Ephraim, Mara Scanlon, Susan Koenig , David Charbonneau, Celena Kusch, Sue Uselmann, Rebecca Schoenike Nowacek, Alicia Kent, and Tisha Turk. Jody Cardinal deserves special recognition for her continuing friendship and essential long-distance exchanges of work and ideas. At Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville, I thank Charles Berger, Catherine Selzer, Howard Rambsy, and Susan Fanetti. At Duke University, colleagues and friends provided valuable feedback as I shaped my book: Rob Mitchell, Sean Metzger, Lauren Coats, John Miles, Matt Cohen, Bart Keeton, Diana Solomon, Matt Brim, Jason Mahn, Kristin Solli, James Thrall, Denise Comer, and Priscilla Wald. I am fortunate that Joe Donahue, Michael Moses, and Joe Harris contributed to this lively intellectual community. I am grateful to the English Department at North Carolina State University , particularly to Tony Harrison, for material support for my research, often at precisely the right moments. Here and in nearby universities, I am lucky to count among my colleagues and friends Jennifer Ho, Ora Gelley, Ariana Vigil, Laura Halperin, Jordynn Jack, James Mulholland, Anne Baker, Laura Severin, Leila May, John Charles Williamson, Sarah Sharma, Mark Dudley, Sharon Joffe, and the honorary Durhamite, Mark Sheftall. I thank my parents, Robert and Jean Walsh, for their lifelong passion for reading and ideas. I only wish they could have seen this book in print. The intellectual generosity of Susan Walsh and Douglas Lanier has helped me as a researcher, writer, teacher, and colleague in countless ways. I also owe my sincerest thanks to Kevin and Tracy Walsh and to all the Shahs, especially Mary, for support and humor. Demonstrating the idea that family is not limited by biology or law, Claudia and Nestor Ramirez deserve special appreciation for their thoughtfulness, generosity, and care. I am very glad to be able to share this book with James Shah. I am grateful to him—for his love, his unshakable faith in my work, and his unmatchable sense of humor—and to our son, Eamon Finn, who is a complete joy (and whose spatial instincts already rival mine). viii | Acknowledgments ...


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