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Index of Stories by County, Other States, and Countries Kentucky Counties Anderson Doctor’s Improper Activities, 38 Halcion Event, 99 Naked Elderly Woman Patient, 81 Nurses’ Slow Learning, 156 A Quick Baby Birth, 62 Unusual Baby Birth, 63 Boone Mountain Boy’s First Trip to a City, 84 Boyle Changes across the Years, 190 Choosing to Become a Nurse, 139 Learning from Mistakes, 36 Nursing through the Years, 145 Oops, Nurse’s Mistake, 91 Ready to Die and Go to Heaven, 131 Request for a Watch, 91 Calloway Nursing Education, 141 Clay Unexplained Pregnancy, 75 Young Girl’s Death, 171 Edmonson Alcoholic Patient, 103 Caretaking the Dying, 125 276 Index of Stories by County, Other States, and Countries Estill The Hospital Didn’t Name the Baby, 76 Fayette Interesting Beginning Year, 184 Mr. New Overalls, 41 Recovery from Coma, 33 Resignation, but Not Yet, 118 Student’s Psychiatric Patient, 106 You Never Know, 39 Fleming Youthful Inspiration to Be a Nurse, 128 Franklin Midwives’ Continuation Services, 148 Hardin Award-Winning Service, 122 Bad and Good Behavior, 102 Service in Emergency Room, 42 Successful and Nonsuccessful Students, 165 Harlan Stressed Teacher’s Correct Decision, 166 Henderson Keynote Address to Other Nurses, 133 Still Wondering, 52 Hopkins Clinical Training, 32 Doctor’s Laughter, 79 An Early Alcoholic Event, 32 Oversized Gloves, 33 Pranking Stopped, 80 Surgeon Drove Too Fast, 80 Surgery Witnessed, 32 Viewing New Baby, 51 Jefferson Dealing with a Naked Man, 30 Keynote Address to Other Nurses, 133 Index of Stories by County, Other States, and Countries 277 Nurse Rides on Patient’s Back, 29 Unanticipated Wisdom from an Unlikely Source, 137 The Woman Who Wouldn’t, 95 Kenton Baby’s Birth Not Anticipated by Doctor, 76 Bad Situations for Some Elderly Persons, 234 Decision to Become a Nurse, 182 Early Nurse Experience, 103 Fulfilling Request of a Dying Woman, 128 Helping an Elderly Lady, 126 Nurse’s First Patient, 183 Odd Assignments, 181 Required Clothing, 182 Student Inspirational Event, 127 Student’s Surprise Bath Job, 89 The Three-H Assignment, 88 Throwing Donuts through Windows, 87 Use of Last Names Only, 185 The Way Things Were Back Then, 183 Wrong Patient, 87 Laurel Delirious Patient, 102 Directions Misinterpreted, 90 A Memorable Event, 89 Need for an Emergency Room, 43 Nurse Known as “Bumphead,” 47 Nurses Ate the Doctor’s Cake, 86 Nursing Service across the Years, 167 Premature Birth, 77 Successful Examinations, 171 Surprise Birthday Cake, 122 Training on the Psychiatric Unit, 104 You Can Stop Faking Now, 43 Young Doctor Was Smoking, 170 Leslie An Accident and Shooting, 159 Arrival on the Mountain, 159 Attendance at Nurse and Midwife Schools, 161 Babies Born at Home, 61 Baby’s Burial, 163 278 Index of Stories by County, Other States, and Countries Before and After Birth, 70 Birth Control, 61 Caring for Cows and Horses, 163 Caring for New Babies, 63 Childbirth on the Mountain, 68 Children’s Favorite Home, 69 Confusing Travel to Deliver Babies, 65 Deliveries Then and Now, 72 Dog Helpful as a Nurse’s Aide, 84 Early Mountain Working Years, 154 An Early Nurse in Hyden, 156 Early Nursing Career, 157 Early Service Years, 155 Early Trip to Hindman Settlement School, 179 Fear of Rising River Level, 58 Feelings of Thankfulness, 116 From Alberta to Hyden, 158 Getting to Know Miss Breckinridge, 115 Inspired by Mrs. Breckinridge, 116 Labors Related to Childbirth, 72 Little Shepherd Boy, 121 Mary Breckinridge Arrives in Leslie County, 119 Mary Breckinridge’s Funeral, 164 Memories about Mary Breckinridge, 115 Mother’s Years of Service, 113 Nurses Ate the Doctor’s Cake, 86 Nurse’s Move from Michigan to Kentucky, 149 Old Men Not Wanted, 82 Primary Years Working for the FNS, 163 Queen’s Nurse Memories, 162 Rationale for Coming to Kentucky, 151 Remembering How to Say Things, 81 Rider Tossed from the Saddle, 85 The Role of Midwives, 59 Sad Story, Happy Ending, 70 Service in Isolated Area, 66 Service Payments, 117 Thanks from Baby’s Mother, 65 Travel Directions Needed, 83 Young Man Threatens Nurses, 101 Letcher Student Inspirational Event, 127 Index of Stories by County, Other States, and Countries 279 Logan A Life’s Lesson, 107 The Miracle, 30 Madison Humorous but Serious Life-Saving Event, 179 Initial Disagreement between Nurse and Doctor, 74 Mary Breckinridge’s Funeral, 164 Memories of Yesterday, 167 Nontalking Nurse Trainees, 85 Pleasant Career Memories, 165 Student Inspirational Event, 127 Mason Importance of Nurses Back Then, 170 Nurse Service Time in Maysville, 169...


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