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Appendix. List of Prizes Taken by the CSS Shenandoah. Kept by Lt. William C. Whittle, Jr. Dates Name of Vessel Name of Capt. Rig Tons 1864 Oct. 29 Alina E. Staples Bark Nov. 5 Charter Oak Gilman Schooner " 7 D. Godfrey Hallett Bark " 10 Susan Fred Wm Hansen Brigantine " 12a Kate Prince Henry Libby Ship "13 Lizzie M. Stacey Wm. F. Archer Schooner Dec. 4 Edward Chas. P. Wirth W. Bark 274 " 29 Delphine Wm. G. Nichols Bark 705 1865 April 1 Edward Carey Geo: O. Baker W. Ship 353 Pearl Wm. O. Bush W. Bark 194 Hector Amos A. Chase W. Ship 380 Harvest H. Hackfeld W. Bark 352 May 27 Abigail Ebenezer T. Nye W. Bark 310 June 22 Wm. Thompson T. C. Smith W. Ship 495 " Euphrates T. B. Hathaway W. Ship 364 " Milo Hawes W. Ship 401 " Sophia Thornton Moses G. Tucker W. Ship 424 " fireh Swift Thos W. Williams W. Bark 453 " 23 Susan Abigail T. S. Redfield H.Brig 124 " 25 Genl Williams Wm. Benjamin W. Ship 419 " 26 W. C. Nye P. H. Cooley W. Bark 389 " Nimrod James M. Clark W.Bark 341 Fate Valuation Sunk $95,000 Burnt $15,000 Burnt $36,000 Sunk $5,436 Bonded $40,000 for Burnt $15,000 Burnt $20,000 Burnt $25,000 Burnt $15,000 Burnt $10,000 Burnt $58,000 Burnt b$52,016 Burnt $16,705 Burnt $40,925 Burnt $42,320 Bonded $46,000 for Burnt $70,000 Burnt $61,960 Burnt $6,500 Burnt $44,740 Burnt $31,512 Burnt $29,260 216 Appendix Catherine Wm. H. Phillips W. Bark 385 Burnt $26,175 Gen. Pike Crowell W. Bark 313 Bonded $45,000 " Isabella H. Winslow W. Bark 315 Burnt $38,000 Gipsey O. G. Robinson W. Bark 360 Burnt $34,369 " 28 Waverley Richd Holley W. Bark 327 Burnt $62,376 Martha 2nd Josh L. Macumber W. Bark 360 Burnt $30,607 Hillman Jno. A. Macumber W. Bark Burnt $33,000 " las: Maury Cunningham W. Ship Bonded $37,000 for Nassau Saml Creen W. Ship 408 Burnt $40,000 Brunswick A. J. Porter W. Ship 295 Burnt $16,272 Issac Howland Jerry Ludlow W. Ship 399 Burnt $75,112 Congress D.D.Wood W. Bark 376 Burnt $55,300 Nile Fish W. Bark 322 Bonded $41,600 for Favorite Young W. Bark 298 Burnt $57,896 Covington J. S. Jenks w. Bark 350 Burnt $30,000 'Total $1,399,080 a. On November 12, 1864, the Shenandoah captured the Adelaide. It is listed in the log in the ORN, ser. 1,3:792, as bonded for $24,000. Whittle explained in his entry of November 12 that they discovered the cargo belonged to a Confederate sympathizer named Pendergrast and bonded the ship to prevent the Union authorities from confiscating the cargo. Whittle failed to list this ship because he obviously did not consider it a true prize of war. Midshipman John T. Mason's journal confirms Whittle's explanation but listed the bond as $25,000. b. Whittle's entry of April 13 indicates the value of Harvest as $34,759. There is no indication in the journal as to why this error occurs. Lining's journal contains the same error. c. Whittle's total value of ships and cargoes destroyed is obviously in error. Subtracting the erroneous figure for Harvest and adding the correct one, and adding the $24,000 bond for the Adelaide, gives a figure of $1,405,823. ...


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