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Contents List of Figures vii List of Tables ix Acknowledgments xi List of Contributors xiii 1 The 2012 Election in Context 1 Chappell H. Lawson 2 Chronicle of a Victory Foretold: Candidates, Parties, and Campaign Strategies in the 2012 Mexican Presidential Election 32 Kathleen Bruhn 3 The Electoral Institutions: Party Subsidies, Campaign Decency, and Entry Barriers 63 Eric Magar 4 Time to Turn Back the Clock? Retrospective Judgments of the Single-Party Era and Support for the Institutional Revolutionary Party in 2012 86 James A. McCann 5 Public Mood and Presidential Election Outcomes in Mexico 107 Andy Baker 6 Campaign Effects in Mexico since Democratization 128 Kenneth F. Greene vi Contents 7 Drugs, Bullets, and Ballots: The Impact of Violence on the 2012 Presidential Election 153 Edgar Franco Vivanco, Jorge Olarte, Alberto Díaz-Cayeros, and Beatriz Magaloni 8 How Governmental Corruption Breeds Clientelism 181 Ana De La O 9 Clientelism, Declared Support, and Mexico’s 2012 Campaign 200 Simeon Nichter and Brian Palmer-Rubin 10 Effects of #YoSoy132 and Social Media in Mexico’s 2012 Presidential Campaigns 227 Alejandro Díaz-Domínguez and Alejandro Moreno 11 Mexico’s 2012 Presidential Election: Conclusions 252 Jorge I. Domínguez Index 271 ...


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