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Contents Preface and Acknowledgments vii An Introduction to the Philosophy of TV Noir 1 Steven M. Sanders Part 1: Realism, Relativism, and Moral Ambiguity Dragnet, Film Noir, and Postwar Realism 33 R. Barton Palmer Naked City: The Relativist Turn in TV Noir 49 Robert E. Fitzgibbons John Drake in Greeneland: Noir Themes in Secret Agent 69 Sander Lee Action and Integrity in The Fugitive 83 Aeon J. Skoble Part 2: Existentialism, Nihilism, and the Meaning ofLife Noir et Blanc in Color: Existentialism and Miami Vice 95 Steven M. Sanders 24 and the Existential Man of Revolt 115 Jennifer L. McMahon Carnivale Knowledge: Give Me That Old-time Noir Religion 131 Eric Bronson The Sopranos, Film Noir, and Nihilism 143 Kevin L. Stoehr Part 3: Crime Scene Investigation and the Logic of Detection CSI and the Art of Forensic Detection 161 Deborah Knight and George McKnight Detection and the Logic of Abduction in The X-Files 179 Jerold J. Abrams and Elizabeth Cooke Part 4: Autonomy, Selfhood, and Interpretation Kingdom of Darkness: Autonomy and Conspiracy in The X-Files and Millennium 203 Michael Valdez Moses The Prisoner and Self-Imprisonment 229 Shai Biderman and William J. Devlin Twin Peaks, Noir, and Open Interpretation 247 Jason Holt List of Contributors 261 Index 265 ...


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