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Contents Introduction: Television as Historian: A Different Kind of History Altogether Gary R. Edgerton 1 Part I: Prime-Time Entertainment Programming as Historian 1. History TV and Popular Memory SteveAnderson 19 2. Masculinity and Femininity in Television's Historical Fictions: Young IndianaJones Chronicles and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Mimi White 37 3. Quantum Leap: The Postmodern Challenge of Television as History Robert Hanke 59 4. Profiles in Courage: Televisual History on the New Frontier DanielMarcus 79 Part II: The Television Documentary as Historian 5. Victory at Sea: Cold War Epic Peter C. Rollins 103 6. Breaking the Mirror: Dutch Television and the History of the Second World War Chris Vos 123 7. Contested Public Memories: Hawaiian History as Hawaiian or American Experience Carolyn Anderson 143 8. Mediating ThomasJefferson: Ken Burns as Popular Historian Gary R. Edgerton 169 Part III: TV News and Public Affairs Programming as Historian 9. Pixies: Homosexuality, Anti-Communism, and the ArmyMcCarthy Hearings Thomas Doherty 193 10. Images of History in Israel Television News: The Territorial Dimension of Collective Memories, 1987-1990 Netta Ha-Ilan 207 11. Memories of 1945 and 1963: American Television Coverage of the End of the Berlin Wall, November 9,1989 David Culbert 230 12. Television: The First Flawed Rough Drafts of History Philip M. Taylor 244 Part IV: Television Production, Reception, and History 13. The History Channel and the Challenge of Historical Programming Brian Taves 261 14. Rethinking Television History Douglas Gomery 282 15. Nice Guys Last Fifteen Seasons: Jack Benny on Television, 1950-1965 James L. Baughman 309 16. Organizing Difference on Global TV: Television History and Cultural Geography Michael Curtin 335 Selected Bibliography: Additional Sources for Researching Television as Historian Kathryn Helgesen Fuller-Seeley 357 Contributors 366 Television and Film Index 370 General Index 376 ...


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