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NBR’s Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs Group Fostering collaborative solutions to shared challenges in the Asia-Pacific NBR’s Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs Group collaborates with a broad range of U.S. and Asian specialists from industry, research, and policy to conduct innovative research and convene high-level dialogues. Guided by an in-house research team and a select group of senior advisors, the group’s research focuses on three broad areas: (1) energy security and policy, (2) energy and the environment, and (3) trade, investment, and economic engagement. Highlighted initiatives include: Energy Security Program Dramatic developments are taking place in Asian energy markets, and these changes will affect the geopolitical situation in the Asia-Pacific region. Rising demand has led to increasing dependence on energy imports and a growing sense of energy insecurity among the major Asian powers. To address these issues, this initiative convenes senior policy and industry leaders and Asia energy specialists from across the region for high-level discussions onAsia’senergypoliciesandtheirgeopoliticalimplications.Experts share insights and recommendations through an invitation-only spring workshop; NBR’s annual Energy Security Report, which compiles expert essays on each year’s specific topic; and a public fall launch event. Adapting to a New Energy Era An unexpected boom in U.S. and Canadian production of shale gas and tight oil has accelerated an already steady decline in U.S. imports of Middle East oil and gas. At the same time, China, Japan, and the rest of Asia have emerged as major importers of oil and natural gas from the Persian Gulf. This initiative aims to provide in-depth and academically rigorous research into how the United States, Japan, and other countries can craft stronger diplomatic, strategic, and economic tools to support common energy security interests. Pacific Energy Summit As economies in the Asia-Pacific region continue to grow at astonishing rates, the Pacific Energy Summit aims to foster economic and energy security in the Asia-Pacific by developing practical solutions to the dual challenges of rising energy demand and global climate change. The annual, invitation-only Summit convenes 200 global leaders to articulate practical and tenable policy solutions to energy and environmental challenges. the national bureau of asian research nbr special report #47 | november 2014 By Philip Andrews-Speed, Mikkal E. Herberg, Li Zhidong, and Benjamin A. Shobert china’s energy crossroads Forging a New Energy and Environmental Balance Myanmar’s Growing Regional Role Myanmar’s recent domestic reforms and improved relations with the United States, European Union, Japan, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have opened the door for the country to be an important regional player. To better understand the challenges and opportunities presented by these shifting dynamics, this multi-year project brings together top experts from the United States, Myanmar, and the Asia-Pacific to deepen regional understanding. NBR’s Myanmar initiative seeks to develop a comprehensive framework for the future of the country’s engagement with partners in the region. Innovation and IP Policy Economies in the Asia-Pacific have shown unprecedented growth rates in recent years, and the United States aims to engage with the many burgeoning economies in the region. As India, China, and others work to further develop their economies, intellectual property and innovation policies have increasingly appeared in national and international discussions. To assess these key issues, NBR has developed projects looking at intellectual property protection and innovation policy development in the Asia-Pacific and how emerging players in the region continue to shape global discourse on the future of these policies. Pacific Energy Forum Broad and fundamental global energy shifts, along with rapidly evolving technologies and capabilities, suggest that Asia and North America need to fundamentally reconsider their current energy relationship. The Pacific Energy Forum gathers experts and leaders from Asia, the United States, and Canada to assess the key policy questions that will shape the future trans-Pacific energy relationship and enhance energy and environmental cooperation among key actors in the region. “NBR does a terrific job at getting great people, with great ideas, and making it into a process of dialogue and interaction that leads to recommendations that are very useful in the policymaking process.” — Robert Hormats, Former Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment, Department of State, United States forum seattle • april 23-24, 2014 pacific energy For more information on these programs, please contact the Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs group at ...


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