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manuscript sources Barbados Department of Archives Deeds, 1770–1830 Levy Books, 1768–82, 1779–88 Probate Records, 1791, 1800–1850 Church of Latter-day Saints Family History Center England and Wales, Free bmd Marriage Index, 1837–1915 English Settlers in Barbados, 1613–1880 Grenada Church Records, 1792–96 Grenada Deeds, 1798–1861 National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858–1966 London Metropolitan Archives Church of England Parish Registers, 1754–1921 Rate Books and Insurance Records for Kensington and Westminster, 1795–1830 Register of Burials, 1830 Transcript of Burials, January–December 1857 National Archives of Scotland Court of Sessions Records, 1828–29 National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago Book of Spanish Protocols, “S” and “P,” Index 1787–1813 Trinidad and Tobago Historical Society Collection, 1796 National Archives of the United Kingdom Census of the United Kingdom 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 Colonial Office Records, 1768–1834 Court of King’s Bench Records, 1816 National Debt Office Records, 1836 Probate Records, 1812–49 Royal College of Physicians Records, 1830 Treasury Records, 1817–34 War Office Records, 1813–23 Supreme Court Registry of Grenada Court of Common Pleas 1794–96 Deed Books, 1763–1855 Receipt Book, 1813–22 Record Book of the Court Oyer and Terminer, 1796 Register for the Parish of Grand Pauvre, 1779–83 bibliography 216 ~ bibliography Collections Henry E. Huntingdon Library: Stowe Collection Lancashire Archives, Preston, England: Lancashire Anglican Parish Registers Liverpool Record Office: Parker Family Papers National Library of Scotland: St. George’s Chronicle and Grenada Gazette, 1789–1810 Netherlands National Archives: Naamen der Eijgnaaren van een ofte meer Plantagien , 1785 Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas: George Augustus Sala Collection St. George’s Parish Church: Marriage and Baptism Index and Records University of Florida Library: Essequibo and Demerary Royal Gazette, 1802–24 University of Nottingham Library Special Collections: Archives of William Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck, Fifth Duke of Portland University of Virginia Library Special Collections: George Frederick Holmes Collection University of West Florida Archives: Kirwan Family Papers, printed primary sources Ashe,Thomas. Travels in America, Performed in 1806. 3 vols. London: William Sawyer, 1808. Ashley, John. Memoirs and Considerations Concerning the Trade and Revenues of the British Colonies in America with Proposals for Rendering Those Colonies More Beneficial to Great Britain. 2 vols. London: C. Corbett, 1740. Barker, Matthew Henry. The Victory; or, The Ward Room Mess. London: Henry Colburn, 1844. Bayley, Frederick William Naylor. Four Years Residence in the West Indies. London: William Kidd, 1833. Bolingbroke, Henry. A Voyage to Demerary Containing a Statistical Account of the Settlements There and Those of the Essequibo, the Berbice and the Other Contiguous Rivers of Guyana. London: Richard Phillips, 1807. Boys, Rev.Thomas. A Key to the Book of Psalms. London: Printed for L. B. Seeley and Son, 1825. Brace, Jeffery. The Blind African Slave; or, The Memoirs of Boyrereau Brinch, Nicknamed Jeffery Brace, ed. Kari Winter. 1810. Reprint, Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2004. Bryant, Joshua. Account of an Insurrection of the Negro Slaves in the Colony of Demerara on the 18th August 1823. Georgetown, Demerara: Printed by A. Stevenson at the Guiana Chronicle Office, 1824. Burke, Edmund. The State of the Nation. London: J. Dodsley, 1782. Cleland, John. Fanny Hill; or, A Woman of Pleasure. 1748. Reprint, New York: Modern Library, 2001. “The Climate of Demerara.” United Service Journal and Naval and Military Magazine 3 (1838): 542–43. bibliography ~ 217 Coleridge, Henry Nelson. Six Months in the West Indies in 1825. New York: G. and C. Carvill and E. Bliss and E. White, 1826. Day, Charles William. Five Years’ Residence in the West Indies, vol. 1. London: Colburn and Co., 1852. Defoe, Daniel. The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders. 1722. Reprint, Ontario: Broadview, 2005. Fenner, Walter. A New and Accurate Map of the Island of Cariacou [sic] in the West Indies 1784. London: J. Budd, 1784. Fullarton, William. A Refutation of the Pamphlet Which Colonel Picton Lately Addressed to Lord Hobart. London: John Stockdale and Sons, 1805. ———. A Statement, Letters and Documents Respecting the Affairs of Trinidad. London: John Stockdale and Sons, 1804. Garraway, D. G. A Short Account of the Insurrection That Broke Out in Grenada in 1795. Grenada: C. Wells and Son, 1877. A Grenada Planter Now Residing in London. A Full and Impartial Answer to a Letter in the Gazetteer of October 22, 1768, Relative to the Conduct of His Excellency Governor Robert Melvill. London: J. Almon, W. Johnston, G. Pearch, and...


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