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408 Fedor Tugarin and Anastasia the Beautiful 160. There lived this tsar and tsaritsa, and they had this one son by the name of Fedor, nicknamed Tugarin, and they had three daughters. No matter how little or how richly they lived, they were dying, and they instructed their son that he should marry his sisters to the first suitors they had. A year had passed since the tsar and tsaritsa had died. Then one day a storm gathered, the wind blew—saints preserve us! The moment Wind blew up to the porch, all was quiet. So then Wind said to Fedor Tugarin, “Give me your oldest sister, and if you won’t give her to me, I’ll tip over your hut and kill you!” He led the sister out onto the porch. She was grabbed. There was a howling and whining, but no one knew where she had gone! In the third year, Fedor married his middle sister to Hail, and in the fourth, the youngest to Thunder. When he had married off his sisters, Fedor Tugarin set off traveling. He walked and walked, and then he looked up. There lay a defeated force or army. He asked, “If there be anyone still alive here, tell me who defeated this army?” One voice called out and said, “Give me some water to drink.” He brought the water. The wounded man said, “Go and ask another army.” He went and saw another force or army defeated, and so he asked who had done this. A voice there told him to go farther and ask of a third. When he had approached that army and asked, a voice told him that Anastasia the Beautiful had defeated all three armies, and that she was even now resting in her tent. Fedor rode off. When he had come to the tent, he tied up his horse and entered it. He lay down on his side. Anastasia the Beautiful woke up and woke Tugarin. She said,“Well, are we going to fight, or make peace?” He said,“If our horses start fighting, then so shall we.” So they let their horses loose. The horses smelled each other and began licking each other, and after that they began grazing. So Anastasia the Beautiful said to Fedor Tugarin,“You be my husband and I’ll be your wife!” Then they mounted their horses and rode off home. So they started living there, and Fedor and Anastasia lived like two doves. Once Anastasia decided to go out hunting. She got ready, and then she said to her husband,“You may go anywhere in my house, except don’t go there where the door is latched with bast and sealed with clay!” In there Fedor Tugarin and Anastasia the Beautiful h 409 a serpent was hanging that had wanted to take Anastasia in marriage by force. She had defeated him and hung him up there by the ribs. So Anastasia went off hunting. Fedor walked about everywhere, he looked at everything, but he couldn’t go on any farther, and he went where his wife had forbidden him. He looked, and there that serpent was hanging by just one rib. The serpent saw Fedor and said,“Oh, greetings, brave Fedor Tugarin! Help me out a little.” He helped it.“A little more!” So he helped a little more.“A little more.”And he a little more. So then that serpent unhooked itself, flew, and said,“I thank you, and I shall come to your aid in your greatest need.”Having let that serpent go free, Fedor fell to thinking, and then said,“My wife will really be angry with me now!” He thought about it, and then left his wife’s house. So Fedor walked and walked, and then he looked. There stood a house. He walked up to the house, came to the doors, and said,“Oh Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, forgive us sinners!” A feminine voice answered him from the parlor: “If you be a good man, appear. But if not, let you be gone in a cloud of dust!” Fedor entered the parlor and saw his sister sitting there. When she saw him, she said, “Why have you come here, Brother? My husband is the Wind. There’ll be grief!” But then she took him in and hid him. So Wind flew in.When he had entered the hut, he said,“Foo, it smells of a Russian bone here!”His wife said...


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