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239 The Merchant’s Daughter and Her Maid 127. There lived this really rich merchant. He had this one daughter, who was good-looking, really beautiful! This merchant took his goods to various provinces, and he once went to this tsardom to a tsar, and he brought him these fine goods and began giving them to him. The tsar had this conversation with him:“I wonder that I can’t find myself a bride.”So then the merchant said to this tsar,“I’ve a fine daughter, and she’s so fine that whatever a man thinks, she’ll find it out!” The tsar didn’t wait a minute, but wrote a letter and shouted out to his lords and gendarmes,“Go to this merchant and give this letter to the merchant’s daughter.” And the letter read:“Get ready to be married!” The merchant’s daughter took up the letter, broke into tears, and got ready to leave, and her servant girl with her. But no one could guess that this servant wasn’t the merchant’s daughter. They looked exactly alike. And so they got ready in identical dresses and rode off to the tsar for the wedding. The servant was annoyed, and she said, “Let’s go strolling about this island!” So they set off over the island. The servant girl put the merchant’s daughter to sleep with an herbal potion, cut out her eyes, and stuck them in her pocket. She then came to the gendarmes and said, “Oh gendarmes! My servant has gone off to sea!” They replied,“We need only that you are alive. That peasant isn’t needed at all!” They came to the tsar. They were immediately married and started living there. But the tsar thought to himself,“Obviously, that merchant has deceived me! This is no merchant’s daughter. I wonder why she has so little mind and reason. She doesn’t know how to do anything.” But he lived with her. The merchant’s daughter meanwhile came to from her sickness that her servant had caused in her She could see nothing , but only hear. And she heard this old man tending his stock. She started speaking to him: “Where are you, grandfather?”“I live in a hut.” “Take me in.” The old man did so. She said,“Grandfather, drive out the stock.”And he heeded her; he drove out his cattle. And then she sent this old man to a shop:“Get some velvet and silk on credit.”The old man went off. None of the wealthy merchants would give him credit, but they gave it to him from a poor shop. He brought the little blind one some velvet 240 h The Merchant’s Daughter and Her Maid and silk. She said to him,“Grandfather, lie down to sleep and pay no heed to what you may hear. For me day and night are all the same!” And she began sewing a royal crown from the velvet and silk. She embroidered such a fine crown that it was a joy to behold it. Early in the morning the blind girl woke the old man and said, “Go and take this to the tsar. Ask nothing for it except an eye. And whatever they may do to you, don’t be afraid!” So he went to the palace and brought the crown. Everyone was amazed at the crown and tried to buy it from him. But he only asked for an eye from them. They reported right away to the tsar that he was asking for an eye. The tsar came out and was delighted by the crown and tried to buy it, but he only asked for an eye from him. Well, then the tsar cursed him and decided to put him in prison. Whatever the tsar said, he insisted on the same. The tsar shouted to his gendarmes, “Go and cut out an eye from a captive soldier!” And his wife, the tsaritsa, jumped up then, took out an eye and gave it to the tsar. The tsar was much pleased:“Oh, you have helped me out, my little tsaritsa!”And he gave the old man that eye. The old man took it and left the palace. He came to his own hut. The blind girl asked him,“Did you get my eye, Grandfather?” He said,“I got it.” So she took it from him, went out at dawn, spat upon the eye, put it in...


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