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229 Ivan Tsarevich and Marfa Tsarevna 125. This one tsar had for many years kept this little man in prison—iron arms, cast iron head, himself copper, and very clever, but somehow pompous . The son to the tsar, Ivan Tsarevich, was little, but he would walk by the prison. The old man called the tsarevich over and begged him,“Give me a drink, Ivan Tsarevich!” Ivan Tsarevich still knew nothing—he was little. He dipped some water out and gave it to him. The old man was out of the prison in a flash; he was gone. The news came to the tsar. For this the tsar ordered Ivan Tsarevich banished from the tsardom. The tsar’s word is law. They banished Ivan Tsarevich from the tsardom, and he went off to see where his eyes might take him. He walked for a long time. Finally he came to another tsardom, and he went straight to the tsar and asked to be taken into service. The tsar accepted him and ordered him made a groom. He just slept in the stables, but did not tend the horses. The senior groom often beat him, but Ivan Tsarevich endured it all. Some tsar or other courted the daughter of that tsar, but was unsuccessful; therefore, he declared war. The tsar went off with his army, and his daughter Marfa Tsarevna remained behind to rule the tsardom. She had earlier noticed Ivan Tsarevich, noted that he was not of an ordinary birth. Therefore, she sent him off to some place as the governor. Ivan Tsarevich went away, lived there, and governed affairs. Once he went out hunting. He’d just ridden out of the village, when out of nowhere the little man with iron arms, cast iron head, and all copper appeared . “Greetings, Ivan Tsarevich!” Ivan Tsarevich bowed to him. The old man invited him: “Come and be my guest!” They rode off. The little old man led him into a fine house and shouted at his young daughter, “Give us something to drink and eat, and a half measure of vodka!” They had a bite to eat. Suddenly the daughter brought in a half-bucket of vodka and offered it to Ivan Tsarevich. He refused it, saying,“I can’t drink it.” The old man told him to try. He took the measure, and with strength he got from somewhere, he drank it down in one gulp. Then the old man proposed they go for a walk. They went up to this stone that weighed five hundred poods. The old man said,“Lift up that 230 h Ivan Tsarevich and Marfa Tsarevna stone, Ivan Tsarevich!” He thought to himself,“How am I to lift up that stone? But I’ll try.” He tried, and easily turned it over. Then once more he got to thinking: “Where is all this strength coming from? Perhaps that old man is somehow responsible.” They walked about some more and went into the house. They came in, and the old man shouted at his middle daughter to bring a bucket of vodka. Ivan Tsarevich daringly picked up the container of vodka and drank it down in one gulp. Again they went out walking, and they came up to a stone weighing a thousand poods. The old man said to Ivan Tsarevich,“Well now, toss this stone!” Ivan Tsarevich grabbed hold of the stone and threw it, and thought to himself,“Oh, what strength will there be in me?” They went back to the house, and again the old man shouted to his oldest daughter to bring a bucket and a half of green wine. Ivan Tsarevich drank it down in one breath. He and the old man went out walking. Ivan Tsarevich easily tossed a stone weighing one and a half thousand poods. Then the old man gave him a self-spreading tablecloth and said, “Well, Ivan Tsarevich, you’ve got a lot of strength in you now. No horse could carry you! Have the porch of your house made over; it won’t support you now! And you’ll need new chairs, and you’ll have to put in more supports beneath your floor. Now go with God!”All the people laughed when they saw the governor coming home from the hunt on foot, leading the horse by the reins. He came home. He told them to put more supports beneath the floor, he remade all the chairs, he dismissed all the cooks and maids and...


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