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151 The Vazuza and the Volga 94. The Volga and the Vazuza had long argued: Which one was cleverer, stronger, and more worthy of the greater honor? They argued and argued , but neither could out-argue the other, and so they decided on this step: “Let’s both lie down to sleep, and the one who first wakes up and gets first to the Caspian Sea, that one will be cleverer and stronger and more worthy of respect.” The Volga lay down to sleep, and so did the Vazuza . In the night, the Vazuza quietly got up and ran off from the Volga, chose its path, both straighter and closer, and began flowing. When the Volga woke up, it set off neither quietly nor quickly, but as it should. At Zubtsov, it caught up to the Vazuza, and so threateningly that the Vazuza was frightened and declared itself the younger sibling, and asked the Volga to take it in hand and deliver it to the Caspian Sea. Nonetheless, the Vazuza in the spring wakes up earlier and awakens the Volga from its winter sleep. ...


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