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145 Frost, Sun, and Wind 91. Once a man met Sun, Frost, and Wind along the road. And having encountered them, he gave them Christian greetings.1 “And to whom are you giving this greeting?” Sun asked. “Not to me, for I’m not shining.” And then Frost said,“Perhaps to me and not you, because he’s not afraid as much of you as of me.”“That’s just a lie! It’s not true,”said Wind, finally. “That man greeted me and not you.” They started a disputation, they quarreled, and they nearly came to blows. “Well then, let’s ask him to whom he was giving this greeting: to me or to you.” They caught up to the man and asked him, and he said,“To Wind.”“And so, you see, didn’t I say so—to me!”“Just wait a minute! I’ll make you as red as a lobster!” said Sun.“You’ll have reason to remember me.” But then Wind said,“Don’t go away! I’ll blow and cool him.”“I’ll fix you, I’ll freeze you!” said Frost.“Don’t be afraid, fellow, then I won’t blow, and he’ll do nothing to you. He can’t freeze you without some wind.” 1.  It was the custom in parts of Belarus to greet a passerby or a guest to the house by saying,“Let Jesus Christ be praised!” with the reply given,“For ever and ever, amen.” ...


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