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115 The Eagle and the Crow 74. There lived and dwelt in Rus this crow with nannies and nurses, with little children, with near neighbors. The swan-geese came and laid some eggs, and the crow began harassing them. It started stealing their eggs. A night owl chanced to fly past. It saw that Crow was harassing the big birds, and it flew straight to a gray eagle. It came and said,“Oh Father Gray Eagle! Give us a judgment against that rascally crow.” Gray Eagle sent his speedy envoy, the sparrow, to bring in the crow. The sparrow immediately flew off and seized the crow. It was about to resist, but the sparrow let it have it with some kicks and brought the crow to Gray Eagle anyway. The eagle opened the court. “So, you rascally crow, you empty head, obscene nose, shitty tail! They say of you that you’ve opened your mouth on other folks’ goods, that you are stealing the eggs of the big birds.” “Slander, Father Gray Eagle! Slander!” “They say of you that when a peasant goes out to sow, you raise a great row and leap out to dig it up.” “Slander, Father Gray Eagle! Slander!” “And they also say: When the women folk go out to reap, cut, and put the shocks up in the field, you go out with a great row and again dig them up and scatter them.” “Slander, Father Gray Eagle! Slander!” They sentenced the crow to sit in jail. ...


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