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107 The Cock and the Hen 68. This hen and cock lived together, and they once went into the forest after nuts. They came to a nut tree. The cock got into the nut tree to pluck the nuts and left the hen on the ground to gather them up. So then the cock tossed down a nut, and it caught the hen in the eye and knocked out her eye. The hen went off crying. Some boyars came along and asked, “Hen, oh hen! Why are you crying?” “The cock knocked out my eye.” “Cock, oh cock! For what reason did you knock out the hen’s eye?” “The nut tree ripped my trousers.” “Nut tree, nut tree, why did you rip the cock’s trousers?” “Goats were devouring me.” “Goats, goats! What were you devouring the nut tree for?” “The goatherds don’t watch us!” “Goatherds! Oh goatherds! Why don’t you watch the goats?” “The mistress doesn’t feed us bliny!” “Mistress, mistress, why don’t you feed the goatherds with bliny?” “Because the sow spilled my batter.” “Sow, oh sow! Why did you spill the mistress’s batter?” “The wolf carried off a piglet!” “Wolf, oh wolf! Why did you carry off the sow’s piglet?” “I wanted to eat, and God told me to.” ...


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