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101 The Beasts’ Winter Quarters 64. A bull was walking through the forest. He chanced to meet a ram. “Where are you going, ram?” asked the bull.“I’m searching for summer from winter,” said the ram.“Come with me!” So they set off together, and along the way they encountered a sow.“Where are you going, sow?”asked the bull.“I’m searching for summer from winter,” replied the sow.“Come with us!” So the three of them set off further. They encountered a goose. “Where are you going, goose?” asked the bull. “I’m searching for summer from winter,” replied the goose. So the goose went with them. They walked along, and they encountered a cock.“Where, oh cock, are you going ?” asked the bull.“From winter I’m searching for summer,” replied the cock.“Come along behind us!” So they were all walking along the road and path and talking among themselves:“Well, and how goes it, brothers and comrades? The weather is turning cold. Where should we seek some warmth?” The bull said, “Let’s build a hut; otherwise, we’ll rightly freeze during the winter.” The ram said,“I have a warm coat—just look at my wool! I’ll get through the winter with that.” The sow said,“And for me never mind the frosts. I’m not afraid; I’ll dig myself into the ground and get through the winter without a hut.” The goose said,“And I’ll perch in the middle of a fir tree and stretch out one wing, and with the other I’ll cover myself. No cold can possibly take me. That’s how I’ll get through the winter.” The cock said,“Me too!” The bull saw that things were bad, and he’d have to fend for himself.“Well,” he said,“do as you wish, but I’ll build a hut.” He built himself that hut and lived in it. So then came a cold winter, and the frosts began to get through. There was nothing for the ram to do. He came to the bull: “Let me in, Brother, to get warm.” “No, ram, you have a warm coat; you’ll get through the winter. I won’t let you in!” “If you won’t let me in, I’ll run back and knock a log out of your hut. You’ll be even colder.” 102 h The Beasts’ Winter Quarters The bull gave it quite a lot of thought: “I’ll let in the ram, or else I’ll likely be frozen.” He let in the ram. So then the sow got cold and came to the bull: “Let me in to get warm, Brother.” “No, I won’t let you in.You can dig yourself into the ground and so get through the winter!” “But if you won’t let me in, I’ll dig under all your hut supports and bring your whole hut down.” There was nothing to be done; the bull let in the sow. Then the goose and cock came to the bull. “Let us in, Brother, to get warm.” “No, I won’t let you in. You each have two wings: One you’ll stretch out,and the other you’ll cover yourself with.That’s how you’ll get through the winter.” “If you won’t admit me,” said the goose, “I’ll peck out all the moss chinking from your walls. You’ll be even colder.”“You won’t let me in?” said the cock.“Then I’ll fly up into the attic and scrape all the earth off your ceiling. You’ll be even colder.” What was the bull to do? He let the goose and cock in to live with him. So they lived and dwelt there in the hut. The cock got heated up in the warmth and began singing his song. A fox heard the cock’s singing and thought about enjoying a little cock—but how to obtain it? The fox relied on cunning and went to the bear and wolf and said,“Well, my dearest friends, I’ve found some living for us all: for you, bear, a bull; for you, wolf, a ram; and for myself, a cock.”“Good, friend,” said the bear and fox. “We shall never forget your good services. Let’s go kill them off and eat!” The fox led them to the hut.“Friend,”the fox said to the bear,“open the door and I...


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