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97 A Tale about a Shedding Goat 62. A goat was near collapse, half its side had it shed! Listen, hear me out! There lived and dwelt this peasant, and he had a hare. So then, this peasant went into the steppe, and there he saw a goat lying there, half its side had it shed, the other half not. The peasant took pity on it, took it, and brought it home and put it next to the barn. When he had eaten dinner and rested, he went out to his garden, and the hare went with him. The goat then came out from under the barn and made its way into the hut and latched the door. The hare all of a sudden wanted to eat and ran to the door of the hut. It pushed with its little paw—the door was locked!“Who’s there?” asked the hare.“I, a broken-down goat, shedding on half a side. I’ll come out, and I’ll break in your sides!” The hare in its grief went away from the door, went out onto the road, and wept. It chanced to meet a lone wolf. “Why are you crying?” asked the wolf. “There’s somebody in our hut,” the hare said through tears. And the wolf:“Come with me and I’ll chase it out.” They came to the door.“Who’s there?” asked the wolf. The goat stamped its feet and said,“I, a broken-down goat shedding on half a side. I’ll come out, and I’ll break in your sides!” So they went away from the door. The hare started crying again and went out onto the road, and the lone wolf ran away into the forest. Then a cock came up to meet the hare.“Why are you crying?”The hare told the cock. So the cock said,“Come with me, and I’ll chase it out!” Approaching the door, the hare, to frighten the goat, shouted,“Here comes a cock on its heels, a saber on its shoulders, it’s coming to make a kill, to cut off the goat’s head.” So they came up to the door. The cock asked, “Who’s there?”As before, the goat answered,“I, a broken-down goat shedding on half a side. I’ll come out, and I’ll break in your sides!” Once more the hare went out onto the road in tears. Then a little bee flew up to it, buzzed about, and asked,“Who are you? What are you crying about?” The little hare told the bee, and the bee flew to the hut. There she asked,“Who’s there?” The goat answered as before. This angered the bee, and she started flying about the walls. She buzzed and buzzed and found a little hole. She crawled in and stung that broken-down goat on its 98 h A Tale about a Shedding Goat shedding side and made a lump on it. The goat tore out the door and was gone! Then the hare ran into the hut, ate and drank its fill, and tumbled off to sleep. When the hare wakes up, then the tale will begin. ...


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