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81 The Sow and the Wolf 51. There lived this old man, and an old woman lived with him. The old man and the old woman had no son, no daughter. They had for stock just a sharp-snouted sow. And then this sow took to leaving the yard by the back gates. The devil took her, and off to someone else’s strip of land, into the oats. A wolf came running over there and fell silent. It grabbed the sow by her bristles, dragged her off beyond the fence, and tore her to bits. And with that the tale is ended. 52. There was this old sow, and she never left the yard during the day. Night came, and the sow left the yard. It bypassed the master’s plot and went into his neighbor’s. It uprooted the flowers, tossed about straw. Then from somewhere there came this old master, this gray wolf, and it raised its tail, and bowed down to the sow:“Greetings, dear wife, farrowing sow! Why do you laze about, amble about? Hereabouts a wolf eats sheep.” It was to be the end of the sow. “Don’t eat me, little wolf, don’t eat me, gray one! I’ll bring you my whole litter of piglets.”“I don’t want any other meat but pork.” He took the sow by her white spine, by her black bristles. The wolf carried that sow behind a stump, behind a hollow log, behind a birch, and it began swallowing pig bones, reflecting on the pig’s parents! ...


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