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80 The Wolf 49. There lived this old man and old woman. They had five sheep, a sixth was a stallion, the seventh a calf. A wolf came and started singing this song: There lived this man. His house among bushes; He has five sheep, A sixth a stallion, A seventh a calf. The old woman said to the old man,“Oh, what a fine song! Old man, give it a sheep.” The old man gave it to the wolf, the wolf ate it, and came once more with the same song. And this went on until such time as he had eaten the sheep, the stallion, the calf, and the old woman. There was just the old man left. the wolf came to him, too, with the same song. The old man took his fire tongs and began beating the wolf. The wolf ran away, and since then never set forth a foot at the old man’s. And the old man remained there, bitter, with nothing but his bitterness left. 50. There lived this old man and old woman, and they had this cat that washed itself, this dog that barked all by itself, a sheep, and a little cow. A wolf found out that the old man had a lot of stock. He came to ask for some. He came and said,“Give me the old woman!” The old man was unwilling to hand over the old woman, so in her place he handed over the cat that washed itself. This was not enough for the wolf. He ate the cat and came back:“Give me the old woman!” The old man was unwilling to hand over the old woman. He handed over the dog that lay about by itself instead. The wolf ate it and came back for the old woman. The old man wouldn’t give it the old woman. He gave it the sheep instead, and then the little cow. But he kept that old woman, and the two of them went on living. And they are living still, chewing their bread. ...


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