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53 The Fox and the Crane 33. A fox and a crane became friends. They were even godparents for the same child! Then once, the fox decided to entertain the crane, and she went to invite it to be her guest.“Come, my friend, come, my dearest! How well I’ll entertain you!” The crane went to the feast as invited. The fox had boiled up some semolina and spread it out on a dish. She gave it to the crane and entreated it,“Eat, my dear friend! I cooked it myself!” The crane pecked and pecked with its bill, but couldn’t pick anything up! Meanwhile, the fox lapped it up, lapped up the porridge until she’d eaten it all. The porridge was eaten. The fox said, “Don’t fret, dear friend! I’ve nothing more to treat you with.” “Thank you, my friend, for that, and come and be my guest.” The next day the fox came, and the crane had prepared a sour soup. She put it in a jug with a little neck, placed it on the table, and said,“Eat, my friend! Truly, I’ve nothing more to offer you.” The fox whirled the jug around and kept trying, and she licked at it and she sniffed it, but to no avail! She couldn’t get her head into the jug. Meanwhile, the crane slurped and slurped until it had eaten everything.“Don’t fret, dear friend! I’ve nothing more to treat you with.” The fox was vexed, having thought she would eat enough for a whole week, and she went off home as if she’d eaten something tasteless. They were even. From that time on the friendship of the fox and the crane was at an end. ...


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