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46 The Sheep, the Fox, and the Wolf 28. A peasant’s sheep ran away from the flock. It chanced to meet a fox, and the fox asked it, “Where, cousin, is God taking you?”“Oh, my friend! I was in this peasant’s flock and had no life. Whenever the ram played up, I, just a ewe, was guilty! So I decided to go off wherever my eyes might take me.”“I’m doing the same,” replied the fox.“Whenever my husband snatches a hen, I, the vixen, am the guilty one. Let’s run off together.” After a little while they met a lone wolf.“Good health, cousin!”“Greetings!” said the wolf to them.“Are you going far?” In reply:“Wherever our eyes take us!” And she told the wolf about her plight. The wolf said,“I’m just the same! When my mate kills a lamb, I, a lone wolf, am the guilty one. Let’s go together.” They set off. Along the way the wolf said to the sheep, “Now then, sheep, isn’t that my sheepskin you’re wearing?” The fox listened and chimed in,“Is that true, cousin, that it’s yours?” “Truly, it’s mine.” “Do you swear to it?” “I swear to it!” “Will you say it under oath?” “I will.” “Then go and kiss on it.” The fox had noticed that some peasants had laid a trap on the path. She led the lobo right up to the trap and said,“Now then, kiss right here!” The foolish wolf stuck his nose in, and the trapped snapped shut and caught him by his muzzle. The fox and ewe immediately ran away from him, hail and hearty! ...


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