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44 Old Hospitality Is Soon Forgotten 27. Once a lone wolf fell into a trap, but he somehow got out and started making his way to some out-of-the-way place. Some hunters saw him and started tracking him. The wolf had to cross the road, and just at that time a peasant was walking along that road from the field with a sack and flail. The lobo said to him,“Do me a favor, peasant, hide me in your sack! Hunters are chasing after me.” The peasant agreed, hid him in the sack, tied it up, and slung it onto his shoulders. He went on and soon met the hunters. “You haven’t seen a lone wolf, have you, peasant?” they asked. “No, I haven’t,” the peasant answered. The hunters galloped on ahead and disappeared from view.“Well, did those villains of mine go away?” asked the wolf.“They’ve gone.”“Now let me out of this sack.” The peasant untied the sack and let him out into the free world. The lobo said,“Now, peasant, I’m going to eat you up!”“Oh, wolf, wolf! I got you out of every difficulty so now you want to eat me up.” “An old favor is soon forgotten,” replied the wolf. The peasant saw that things were bad and said,“Well, if it’s like that, let’s go on farther, and if the first one we meet agrees with you that an old favor is soon forgotten, then there’s nothing to be done: Eat me up.” So they went on further. Then they met up with an old mare. The peasant turned to her with the question: “Do us a favor, little mother mare, decide for us! I got the wolf out of a great difficulty, and he wants to eat me up.” And he told the mare everything that had happened. The mare thought and thought and then said, “I lived with my master for twelve years, brought him twelve colts, and worked for him with all my might, but when I got old and I had to work more than I was able, he took me and dragged me out into a ravine. I climbed and climbed, and with all my strength I climbed out of it, and now I’m just wandering about, going wherever my eyes take me.Yes, an old favor is forgotten!”“See, I’m right!” said the wolf. The peasant was saddened and begged the wolf to wait for a second encounter. So the wolf agreed even to this. Then they met an old dog. The peasant approached it with the same question. The dog thought and thought, and then said,“I served my master for twenty years, I watched Old Hospitality Is Soon Forgotten h 45 over his house and cattle, and when I got old and stopped barking, he chased me away from the yard.And so I’m now just ambling about, going wherever my eyes take me.Yes, an old favor is forgotten!”“See, I’m right!” said the wolf. The peasant grew even sadder and begged the lobo to wait for a third encounter: “Then do as you know best, if you won’t take my favor into account.” The third time they met a fox. The peasant repeated his same question to her. The fox started arguing,“Then how is it possible that a lone wolf, just a big hunk of flesh, could fit into such a small sack?”The wolf and the peasant swore that this was indeed the real truth. But the fox still didn’t believe it and said,“Well, peasant, show me how you put him into your sack!” The peasant opened up his sack, and the wolf stuck his head in it. The fox shouted, “Did you really hide just your head in the sack?” The wolf got completely inside.“Now, peasant,” the fox continued,“Can you show me how you tied it up?” The peasant tied it up.“Now, peasant, how did you thresh that grain in the field?” The peasant started hitting the sack with his flail.“And now, peasant, how did you swing around?” The peasant swung about and clobbered that fox on the head and killed it, all the while intoning,“An old favor is forgotten!” ...


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