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35 The Old Man in Heaven 20. There lived this old man and his woman and they had this hut. Under the table the old man planted a bean, and the woman planted a pea. A hen pecked the pea, but the bean grew right beneath that table. They moved the table, and it grew still higher. They took down the ceiling, then the roof—it kept on growing, and it grew right up to the sky. The old guy climbed up to the sky. He climbed and climbed. Up there was a hut, the walls made of bliny, the benches of buns, the stove of curd smeared with butter. He started in eating, ate his fill, and lay down on the stove to rest. Twelve sister goats came home. One had one eye, the second two, the third three, and so forth; the last had twelve. They saw that someone had tried their hut, so they set it right and departing, they left the one-eyed goat to guard it. The next day the one man climbed up there again and saw the one-eyed goat. He began intoning,“Sleep, little eye, sleep!” The goat went to sleep, he ate his fill, and he went away. The next day the two-eyed goat stood watch, then the three-eyed one, and so forth. The old man intoned,“Sleep, little eye, sleep the second, sleep the third!”And so on. But he got mixed up on the twelve-eyed goat and said his spell only eleven times; the goat saw him with its twelfth eye and caught him. ...


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