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16 For a Bast Boot, a Hen— For the Hen, a Goose 8. A fox was walking along the road and found a bast boot. She came to this peasant’s and asked,“Master, let me in to spend the night.” He said, “There’s no room, foxy! It’s crowded.”“But do I need a lot of room? I’ll go on a bench and my tail under the bench.” They let her in to spend the night. She said,“Put my bast boot in with your chickens.” They did so, and in the night the fox got up and threw her bast boot away. In the morning they all got up, and she asked for her bast boot. But the hosts said,“Fox, it’s gone!”“Well, give me a hen for it.” She took the hen and went to another house and asked them to put her hen in with their geese. In the night the fox hid her hen and took a goose for it in the morning. Then she came to another house and asked to spend the night and asked that her goose be put in with the sheep. Again she deceived them, took a sheep for her goose, and went on to still one more house. She stayed there for the night and asked them to put her sheep in with the master’s bullocks. In the night the fox stole back her sheep, and in the morning she demanded that they give her a bullock for it. She killed all of them: the hen, the goose, the sheep, and the bullock. She hid the meat and stuffed the bullock’s skin with straw and left it on the road. Along came a bear and wolf, and the fox said, “Go and steal a sleigh and we’ll all go for a ride.” So they stole the sleigh and collar, hooked up the bullock, and got into the sleigh. The fox started driving and shouted,“Giddup, giddup, bullock, you straw barrel! The sleigh isn’t ours, the harness isn’t ours, move off, don’t just stand there!” The bullock didn’t move. She jumped down out of the sleigh and shouted,“You wait here, fools!” And she went off. The bear and wolf were pleased at this acquisition and tore at the bullock . They tore and tore, and then saw that it was just a skin and straw. They shook their heads and went off to their homes. ...


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