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3 Little Sister Fox and the Wolf 1. There lived then an old man and his woman. The old man said to the woman:“Woman, you go bake some pies, and I’ll go after some fish.” He caught a lot of fish and was carrying a whole cart home. Then as he rode along, he saw a vixen curled up like a pastry and lying in the road. The old man climbed down from his cart, went up to the vixen, and she didn’t move, she lay there as if dead.“Here’s a gift for the wife,”the old man said, and he took the vixen and laid her in the cart, and he walked on ahead. The vixen waited for the right moment and started casually tossing the fish off the cart one by one, one after the other. When she had tossed off all the fish, she went away. “Well, old woman,” said the old man, “What a collar I have brought you for your overcoat!” “Where is it?” “It’s there, in the cart, both the fish and the collar.” The woman went up to the cart: no collar, no fish. She began cursing her husband: “Oh, you, you old fool! You so and so! And you thought you could trick me!” Right then it occurred to the old man that that vixen hadn’t been dead. He was bitter, ever so bitter, but there was nothing to be done. Now the vixen gathered all those fish she had tossed from the cart into a heap, sat down, and began eating. A wolf approached her. “Greetings, little friend!” “Greetings, friend!” “Give me some fish.” “Catch them yourself and eat them!” “I don’t know how.” “Oh you, I caught these.You just go over to the river, let your tail down into an ice hole, and the fish will attach themselves to your tail, but be sure you sit there quite a while, else you won’t catch any.” The wolf went off to the river, lowered his tail into an ice hole. This whole business took place in winter. So he sat there and he sat there, and he sat through the whole night there, and his tail got frozen in the ice. He kept trying to get up, but no way!“Yikes, so many fish have got attached that I can’t pull them out!” he thought. He looked about. Some women 4 h Little Sister Fox and the Wolf were coming for water and they started shouting when they saw the gray one:“Wolf, wolf! Beat him, beat him!”They came running up and started hitting him, some with a bucket yoke, some with a bucket, with whatever was to hand. The wolf jumped and jumped, tore off his tail, and fled without a glance backward. “Well, well,” he thought, “I’ll pay you back, you little friend.” Now little sister fox, having eaten her fill of fish, desired to try to make off with something else. She crept into one little hut, where the women were making bliny. She stuck her head into the vat of batter, got all smeared up with it, and ran away. And the wolf met her:“So that’s how you teach somebody? I’ve been clobbered.” “Oh, my friend,” said little sister fox,“You’re just bleeding a little, but they’ve beaten my brains out and that hurts even more. I can hardly drag myself along.” “That’s so true,” said the wolf,“How can you walk like that? Climb on my back and I’ll carry you.” The vixen got on his back and the wolf started off. So that little sister fox sat there, quietly saying,“The beaten is carrying the unbeaten, the beaten is carrying the unbeaten.” “What are you saying, friend?” “I said, my friend, that the beaten is carrying the beaten.” “That’s just so, my friend.” “Let’s make ourselves a little hut, my friend,” said the vixen. “Let’s,” said the wolf.“I’ll make one of bast, and you make yours of ice.” They set to work and made themselves these little huts, the fox one of bast, and the wolf one of ice, and they started living in them. Spring came, and the wolf ’s hut melted away. “Oh, my friend,” said the wolf,“You’ve deceived me again, and for that I’m going to eat you up.” “Oh, let’s just go...


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