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xxxiii – Glossary – Arshin Measurement of length equivalent to twentyeight inches Ataman Headman, especially among Cossacks Baba Yaga Russian witch (also Yaga Baba, Yagishna); there may be several in a single tale Bast The inner layer (cadmium) of a tree, usually linden, used to make boots (lapti) and chap books (lubok), and as insulation Batiushka Father, used of tsar, priest as well Blin (pl. bliny) Pancake Bogatyr Warrior Bogatyrka Female warrior Bread and salt Traditional Russian greeting to honor guests Dead and Living Waters The former ends “Chaos” and brings form; the latter provides the life force Foo! Foo! Exclamation of disgust Green wine Vodka, in most cases Good lad Young bogatyr Guberniia Province of the Russian Empire; abbreviated gub. xxxiv h Glossary Gusli Stringed instrument held on the lap and plucked Idolishche A giant, monster, sometimes a serpent with multiple heads Kalin Bridge The bridge on which serpents and monsters are slain Kvass A mildly alcoholic drink made from stale bread; to take kvass (honey): to make love to, steal a maiden’s virtue Lapti Boots made of bast Leshii The spirit of the forest Lubok Chapbook; a booklet made from bast Matushka Mother, used of tsaritsa and priest’s wife as well Pood Weight equivalent to thirty-three pounds Prosfira The leavened bread used in the Orthodox communion Rusalka A feminine spirit inhabiting lakes and streams who entices young men to frolic before destroying them Sazhen’ Length equivalent to 2.13 meters Verst (Russian versta) Length equivalent to 3,500 feet Voevoda Military governor Wine/Vodka Used interchangeably in the tales, usually for vodka ...


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