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P R E F A C E THE CHAPTERS of this book were originally separate essays for several purposes, and all but one have been published before, beginning in 1961. The essays have now been revised , and linked up; and an Introduction, and a collection of Biographical Sketches in lieu of an Epilogue, have been added. This is, throughout, a book about mathematics, even if in various contexts it is seemingly concerned with other matters. It is a book about the uniqueness of mathematics as a force of our intellectuality, and about the mystique of its creativity; about the growing efficacy of mathematics, its widening importance, and its continuing spread. It is intended to be a book not in mathematics but about mathematics , even if some parts of it, which do not affect the rest of the book, are involved with outright mathematical technicalities ; but no attempt is made to forcibly translate snippets or samples of technical mathematics into non-technical vernacular. Ours is an age in which scientists are Wise Men, and the root of this Wisdom is in Mathematics. But mathematics , if taken by itself, is almost a pastime only, albeit an esoteric one; or so it seems. What makes mathematics so effective when it enters science is a mystery of mysteries, and the present book wants to achieve no more than to explicate how deep this mystery is. Mathematics is both young and old; and in order to comprehend its role in our Knowledge of today, it is fruitful, and even imperative, to understand the portends of the vicissitudes of the mathematics of yesterday. Thus, we will frequently turn, for comparison and contrast, to Greek mathematics, and also Greek physics, and even to the enveloping Greek Rationality of which they are token and texture. M P R E F A C E It gives me pleasure to record that after the first essays of this collection began to appear in periodicals, Mr. Charles Scribner, Jr., president of Princeton University Press, noticing them, soon suggested that they be made into a book. August, 1965 S. B. [vi] ...


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