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Abbreviations IN CITING scholarship on Roman law, I have followed the now standard abbreviations employed by Max Kaser in Das Romische Privatrecht, with a few variations and additions. Outside Chapter IV, I have tended to use slightly fuller abbreviations. Classical sources have been cited by the customary abbreviations of their names and works. ACIR Albertario (E.),i-vi ANRW APaL AttiAcad. Pont. Atti Perug. B., Basilica Atti del Congresso Internazionale di Diritto Romano, Roma 1933 (2 vols.; Pavia 1934) Emilio Albertario, Stiidi di Diritto Romano vols, I-VI (Milan 1933, 1941, 1936, 1946, 1937, 1953 respectively) Aufstieg und Niedergang der Romischen Welt vols. 1-11, ed. H. Temporini (Berlin and New York, since 1972); cited by volume and fasicule number Annali del Seminar to Giuridico delV Universita di Palermo Atti deW Accademia Pontaniana (Naples ) Atti del Seminario Romanistico Internazionale (held in Perugia, Spoleto, and Todi, 1971; Perugia 1972) Basilicorum Libri LX, ed. G. E. Heimbach et al. (Leipzig 1833-1870), cited by volume and page; new edition begun by H. J. Scheltema et al. (The Hague, since 1953), with text (BT) and scholia (BS) separate (each cited by page) XXV Abbreviations Beseler (G.), i-v Gerhard von Beseler, Beiträge zur Kritik der Römischen Rechtsquellen vols. I-IV (Tübingen; 1910, 1911, 1913, 1920 respectively); vol. v (Leipzig 1931) Betti (E.), 1st. 1,11 Emilio Betti, Istituzioni di Diritto Romano vols. 1 and 11.1 (Padua 1942, 1960 respectively; both volumes reprinted) Biondi (B.), DRC Bianco Biondi, II Diritto Romano Cristiano vols, i-iii (Milan 1952, 1952, 1954 respectively) Bull. Bullettino dell’Istituto di Diritto Romano (Rome; since 1940 Milan); vol. 42 (1934) = n.s. 1; vol. 62 (1959) = 3d ser. 1 Bull. Comm. Bullettino della Commissione Archeologica Communale in Roma (Rome) C., CJ. Codex lustinianus (Corpus Iuris Civilis , vol. 11 ed. P. Kriiger; often reprinted ) Cannata (C.A.), Colpa Carlo Augusto Cannata, Per lo Studio della Responsibilitd per Colpa nel Diritto Romano Classico (Milan 1967/ 1968) CIL Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (Berlin ), cited by volume and inscription number CJ The Classical Journal (now from Boulder, Colorado) Cod. Theod. Codex Theodosianus, ed. T. Mommsen and P. M. Meyer; 4th ed. (Berlin 1962) Coll. Collatio Legum Mosaicarum et Romanarum (in F1RA 11 541-589) CPh Classical Philology (Chicago) D. Digesta (Corpus Iuris Civilis, vol. 1 ed. xxvi Abbreviations Daube (D.), Rom. Law FA FIRA I-III Fr. Dos. Frag. Vindob. Frezza (Ρ.),ι,π Fs. Felgentraeger Fs. Hanausek Fs. Kaser Fs. Lewald T. Mommsen and P. Kriiger; often reprinted); an Italian edition in two volumes was edited by P. Bonfante et al. (Milan 1918, 1931 respectively) David Daube, Roman Law: Linguis­ tic, Social and Philosophical Aspects (Edinburgh 1969) Fasti Archaeologici: Annual Bulletin of Classical Archaeology (Florence) Fontes luris Romani Anteiustiniani 2d ed. vol. ι (Leges; ed. S. Riccobono, 1941/1968), vol. π (Auctores; ed. I. Baviera and I. Furlani, 1940/1964), vol. in (Negotia; ed. V. Arangio-Ruiz, new ed. with appendix 1968), all from Florence (vol. in is also cited with arabic volume number and document number) Fragmentum Incerti Auctoris Quod Vulgo Dositheanum Dicitur (in FlRA π 615-621) Ulpiani ex Libris Institutionum Fragmenta Vindobonensia (in FlRA 11 305-306) Paolo Frezza, Le Garanzie delle Obbligazioni vol. 1: Le Garanzie Personali, vol. n: Le Garanzie Reali (Pavia 1962, 1963 respectively) Festschrift fur Wilhelm Felgentraeger (Gottingen 1969) Abhandlungen zur Antiken Rechtsgeschichte : Festschrift fur Gustav Hanausek (Graz 1925) Festschrift fur Max Kaser zum 70. Geburtstag (Munich 1976) Festschrift Hans Lewald (Basel 1953) xxvii Abbreviations Fs. Steinwenter Festschrift Artur Steinwenter (GrazCologne 1958) Fs. Wenger, 1-11 Festschrift fur Leopold Wanger vols. 1-11 (Munich 1944, 1945 respectively) GrunhZ. Zeitschrift fur das Privat- und Offentliche Recht der Gegenwart (publ. Grünhut, Vienna) Hägerström (A.), 1-11 Axel Hägerström, Der Römische Obligationsbegriff vols. 1-11 (UppsalaLeipzig 1927, 1941 respectively) Horak (F.) Franz Horak, Rationes Decidendi vol. 1 (Aalen 1969) Index Index: Quaderni Camerati di Studi Romanistici (Naples) Inst. lustiniani Institutiones (Corpus luris Chilis, vol. 1 ed. P. Kriiger; often reprinted ) lura lura: Rivista Internazionale di Diritto Romano e Antico (Naples) Journ. Soc. Arch. Hist. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (Louisville, Kentucky ) JRS Journal of Roman Studies (London) Kaser (M.),RPR2 1-11 Max Kaser, Das Romische Privatrecht 2d ed., vols. 1-11 (Munich 1971, 1975 respectively) Kaser (M.), RZ Max Kaser, Das Romische Zivilprozessrecht (Munich 1966) Kaufmann (H.) Horst Kaufmann, Die Altrdmische Miete (Cologne-Graz 1964) Kunkel (W.) Romisches Privatrecht, auf Grund des Werkes von Paul Jors in 2. Aufl. Bearb. von Wolfgang Kunkel...


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