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acknowledgments I wish to thank those who assisted me in this research, including staff at the reentry center for providing me access to the women inside. I recognize the important work of scholars Walter DeKeseredy and Molly Dragiewicz, who reviewed an earlier version of this manuscript and gave me valuable insight, as well as Claire Renzetti at Northeastern University Press and Phyllis Deutsch at University Press of New England. I also want to acknowledge UPNE staff involved in the production of this book, including Lauren Seidman and Barbara Briggs. I thank Debbie Shadle Ross for her help editing an early version of the manuscript. I am most grateful to the women whose stories are told in this book for opening their lives to the world; their strength and perseverance, successes and failures demonstrate the power of a feminine will. The pages of this book represent real life and true emotion. I wrote this book in times of joyfulness (my marriage to Holly and birth of our daughter, Gia) as well as profound uncertainty (Holly’s sudden sickness, our daughter’s very premature birth, and my father’s advanced cancer diagnosis). I thank Gia’s primary nurse, Denise McCausland, for her devoted care of our sick Gia in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cooper University Hospital. Denise also cared for Holly and me over those forty-­ seven days, even setting up a bedside table in the NICU so that I could write next to my daughter’s isolette. I thank my family—Anthony, Betty, Kathleen, Susan, Howie, Christopher, Sue, and Bob—for their ongoing support and encouragement . I never thought I could grow any closer to my father, but I have. Thank you, Dad, for every beautiful moment. By getting strong, little Gia helped me to write this book. So did Annie, Sara, Lucy, Lily, and Cicero by their companionship . My greatest appreciation is to Holly, not just for her insight and reassurance during the research and writing, but for her strength and care. She is the bravest woman I know. As I sit with my father who reflects on his life, I realize just how precious every moment really is. While the women in this book may continue to experience great challenges as they negotiate the next phases of their lives, I wish them many moments of peacefulness. a halfway house for women ...


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