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J. M. Bernstein is University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research. His publications include The Fate of Art; Recovering Ethical Life; Adorno: Disenchantment and Ethics; Against Voluptuous Bodies: Late Modernism and the Meaning of Painting; and an edited volume, Classic and Romantic German Aesthetics. Rüdiger Bubner was a professor of philosophy at the University of Heidelberg. He was the author of numerous books, including Handlung, Sprache, und Vernunft; Modern German Philosophy; Essays in Hermeneutics and Critical Theory; Ästhetische Erfahrung ; Welche Rationalität bekommt der Gesellschaft? Vier Kapitel aus dem Naturrecht; Polis und Staat; and The Innovations of Idealism. He was president of the Internationale Hegel-Vereinigung. He died on February 9, 2007 in Heidelberg. Martin Donougho is a professor of philosophy at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. He has published widely on the philosophy of art and on European philosophy . Forthcoming with Oxford University Press is his translation of and introduction to Hegel’s 1823 Lectures on the Philosophy of Art. His recent publications include “Stages of the Sublime in North America” in MLN and entries on Louis Kahn, Mies van der Rohe, and Rudolf Wittkower in the Thoemmes Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century American Aesthetics. His current projects include a genealogical study of art as discourse and as institution. Richard Eldridge is Charles and Harriett Cox McDowell Professor of Philosophy at Swarthmore College. He is the author of An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art; The Persistence of Romanticism: Essays in Philosophy and Literature; Leading a Human Life: Wittgenstein, Intentionality, and Romanticism; and On Moral Personhood: Philosophy , Literature, Criticism, and Self-Understanding. He is the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Literature (forthcoming); Stanley Cavell; and Beyond Representation : Philosophy and Poetic Imagination. Stephen Houlgate is a professor of philosophy at the University of Warwick. He is the author of Hegel, Nietzsche and the Criticism of Metaphysics; An Introduction to Hegel: Freedom, Truth and History; and The Opening of Hegel’s Logic: From Being to Infinity. He is also the editor of Hegel and the Philosophy of Nature andThe Hegel Reader. Houlgate has served as vice president and president of the Hegel Society of America and is currently editor of the Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain. Contributors 351 David Kolb is the Charles A. Dana Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Bates College . He is the author of The Critique of Pure Modernity: Hegel, Heidegger, and After; Postmodern Sophistications: Philosophy, Architecture, and Tradition; and Socrates in the Labyrinth: Hypertext, Argument, Philosophy. He also edited New Perspectives on Hegel’s Philosophy of Religion. He has served as vice president and president of the Hegel Society of America. Judith Norman is an associate professor of philosophy at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Her recent publications include The New Schelling, a collection of contemporary essays on Schelling’s philosophy, coedited with Alistair Welchman, as well as translations of Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil and The Anti-Christ, Ecce Homo, Twilight of the Idols and Other Writings. She is currently translating Schopenhauer and writing a book on Nietzsche. Terry Pinkard is a professor of philosophy at Georgetown University. His publications include Hegel’s Phenomenology: The Sociality of Reason; Hegel: A Biography; and German Philosophy, 1760–1860: The Legacy of Idealism. He is currently completing a new translation of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit for Cambridge University Press. Robert B. Pippin is Evelyn Stefansson Nef Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago. His publications include Kant’s Theory of Form; Hegel’s Idealism : The Satisfactions of Self-Consciousness; Modernism as a Philosophical Problem; and Henry James and Modern Moral Life. His most recent books include a collection of essays in German, Die Verwirklichung der Freiheit, and The Persistence of Subjectivity: On the Kantian Aftermath. He is a former Humboldt fellow, the winner of the Mellon Distinguished Achievement Award in the Humanities, and was recently a fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin. John Sallis holds the Frederick J. Adelmann Chair in Philosophy at Boston College . His most recent books are Topographies; Platonic Legacies; On Translation; Force of Imagination; Chorology; Shades: Of Painting at the Limit; and Double Truth. He was recently awarded a doctorate honoris causa by the University of Freiburg. John Walker is a senior lecturer in German at Birkbeck College, University of London , and was visiting fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge for the academic year 2006 to 2007. He has published a book on Hegel’s religious and historical thought, History , Spirit...


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