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708 NAME A Affre, Denis Auguste (1793-1848) — Archbishop of Paris (1840-48); shot by the soldiers of the government troops during the June 1848 uprising in Paris when he tried to persuade the insurgent workers to lay down their arms.—352, 446, 528 Albert (1828-1902) —Saxon Crown Prince, King of Saxony from 1873; German general, field marshalgeneral from 1871; commanded the 12th (Saxon) Corps and subsequently the Fourth (Meuse) Army during the Franco-Prussian war.— 74, 147, 155 Albrecht, Friedrich Heinrich (18091872 ) — Prussian prince, German general ; commanded the Fourth Cavalry Division during the Franco-Prussian war.—169 Albrecht, Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus (1837-1906) — Prussian prince, son of the above; German general, subsequently field marshal-general; commanded a cavalry brigade during the Franco-Prussian war.— 223 Alexander (1845-1894)—Russian Grand Duke, son of Alexander II; heir to the Russian throne from 1865; Emperor Alexander III from 1881.— 282 INDEX Alexander I (1777-1825)—Emperor of Russia (1801-25).—7 Alexander II (1818-1881) — Emperor of Russia (1855-81).—267, 276, 281, 282 Alexander of Macedon (Alexander the Great) (356-323 B.C.) —general and statesman of antiquity; King of Macedon (336-323 B.C.).—12 Alexandra (Alexandra Caroline Maria Charlotte Louisa Julia) (1844-1925) — daughter of Christian IX, King of Denmark; in 1863 married Prince of Wales, who from 1901 reigned as Edward VII, King of Great Britain and Ireland.—324, 528 Alvensleben, Konstantin von (18091892 )—German general; commanded the Third Corps during the FrancoPrussian war.—42 Applegarth, Robert (1833-1925)—a leader of the British trade unions, cabinet-maker; General Secretary of the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners (1862-71), member of the London Trades Council; member of the General Council of the International (1865, 1868-72); delegate to the Basle Congress of the International (1869); one of the Reform League leaders; subsequently left the working-class movement.—7, 270, 431, 562, 564 Name Index 709 Arnold, Georges Leon (1837-1912)— French architect; member of the Central Committee of the National Guard and of the Paris Commune and of its Military Commission; was deported to New Caledonia in 1872; after the amnesty of 1880 returned to Paris.—381 Assi, Adolphe Alphonse (1841-1886) — French mechanic; organised strike movement in Creusot (1870); one of the accused at the third Paris trial against the International in 1870; member of the Central Committee of the National Guard and of the Paris Commune; headed the capture of Hôtel de Ville on March 18, 1871; was sentenced to exile to New Caledonia in 1871.—292, 365, 400, 403, 563 Aster, Ernst Ludwig von (1778-1855)— Prussian general and military engineer , fortifications expert.— 88 Aubry, Hector Emile (1829-1900)— French worker, lithographer; Proudhonist , member of the International ; Corresponding Secretary of the Rouen section and Federation of the International; delegate to the Geneva (1866), Lausanne (1867), Brussels (1868) and Basle (1869) congresses of the International; took part in the Paris Commune; in 1873 emigrated to Belgium.—560 Augusta, Marie Luise Katharina (18111890 )—wife of William I, King of Prussia.—80, 189 Aulois—French prosecutor.— 558 Aumale, Henri Eugene Philippe Louis d'Orléans, Duc d' (1822-1897) —son of Louis Philippe, King of France; emigrated to England after the February 1848 revolution; deputy to the National Assembly (1871).—450 Aurelle de Paladines, Louis Jean Baptiste d' (1804-1877)—French general; commanded the Army of the Loire during the Franco-Prussian war; Commander of the Paris National Guard (March 1871); deputy to the National Assembly (1871).—168, 169, 176-78, 181, 203-05, 210, 320, 322, 441, 508-10, 546, 575, 585 B Bakunin, Mikhail Alexandrovich (18141876 ) — Russian revolutionary and journalist; participant in the 1848-49 revolution in Germany; subsequently an ideologist of Narodism and anarchism; opposed Marxism in the First International; was expelled from the International at the Hague Congress (1872) for his splitting activities .—376, 411 Balan, Hermann Ludwig von (18121874 )—German diplomat, envoy to Brussels (1865-74).—275 Barnekow, Albert Christoph Gottlieb, Baron von (1809-1895)—German general; commanded the 16th Division during the Franco-Prussian war.— 32 Barrai, Eugène (1808-1890) —French general; during the Franco-Prussian war inspector-general of the army training camps.—203 Barthélémy Saint Hilaire, Jules (St. Hilaire) (1805-1895)—French philosopher and politician; member of the Constituent and Legislative Assemblies during the Second Republic ; deputy to the National Assembly (1871); member of the Versailles Commission of the Fifteen and manager of Thiers' office (1871-73).—390 Bastelica, André Augustin (1845-1884...


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