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285 Karl Marx and Frederick Engels TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES314 Sir, In your impression of the 16th March your Paris correspondent states: "Karl Marx...has written a letter to one of his principal affiliés in Paris, stating that he is not satisfied with the attitude which the members of that society (the "International") have taken up in that city etc."b This statement your correspondent has evidently taken from the Paris-Journal of the 14th March where also the publication, in full, of the pretended letter0 is promised. The Paris-Journal of the 19th March does indeed contain a letter dated London, 28th February 1871d and purporting to be signed by me, the contents of which agree with the statement of your correspondent. I now beg to declare that this letter is, from beginning to end, an impudent forgery. Drafted by F. Engels on March 21, 1871 Reproduced from Engels' draft First published in The Times, No. 27017, March 22, 1871 as an item on Marx's letter a J. T. Delane.— Ed. b "The State of Paris", The Times, No. 27012, March 16, 1871.— Ed. c "Le Grand Chef de l'Internationale", Paris-Journal, No. 71, March 14, 1871.— Ed. d "Lettre du Grand Chef de l'Internationale", Paris-Journal, No. 76, March 19, 1871.— Ed. 286 Karl Marx [STATEMENT BY THE GENERAL COUNCIL TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES AND OTHER PAPERS]145 TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES Sir,— I am directed by the General Council of the International Working Men's Association to solicit your favour to publish the following in the columns of your journal: — A statement has gone the round of the English press that the Paris members of the International Working Men's Association had in so far joined the so-called Anti-German League146 as to declare all Germans to be henceforth excluded from our association.3 This statement is the very reverse of fact. Neither the Federal Council of our association in Paris, nor any of the Paris sections represented by that council, have ever passed any such resolution. The so-called Anti-German League, as far as it exists at all, is the exclusive work of the upper and middle classes: it was started by the Jockey Club,147 and kept up by the adhesions of the Academy, of the Stock Exchange, of some bankers and manufacturers, etc. The working-classes have nothing whatever to do with it. The object of these calumnies is evident. A short time before the outbreak of the late war the International was made the general scapegoat for all untoward events. This is now repeated over again. While the Swiss and the Prussian press accuses it of having created the late outrages upon Germans in Zurich,148 French papers, such as the Courrier de Lyon, Courrier de la Gironde, La Liberté, etc., tell of certain secret meetings of Internationals a This statement entitled "Les scrupules de l'Internationale" was first published in Paris-Journal, No. 67, March 10, 1871.— Ed. Statement by the General Council to the Editor of The Times 287 having been held at Geneva and Berne, the Prussian Ambassador in the chair, in which meetings a plan was concocted to hand over Lyons to the united Prussians and Internationals for the sake of common plunder.3 Yours respectfully, /. George Eccarius, General Secretary of the International Working Men's Association 256, High Holborn, March 22 Written on March 21, 1871 Reproduced from The Times, verApproved at the meeting of the General i f i e d w i t h t h e General Council's Council on March 21, 1871b Minute Book Published in The Times, No. 27018, March 23, 1871, in The Eastern Post, No. 130, March 25, 1871 and in other press organs of the International a "On lit dans le Courrier de Lyon...", Courrier de la Gironde, March 14, 1871; "On lit dans le Courrier de Lyon..., , Courrier de la Gironde, March 16, 1871; "Chronique des Départements", La Liberté, March 18, 1871.— Ed. b Before its despatch to the Editor of The Times, the statement was datelined March 22.— Ed. 288 Karl Marx TO THE EDITORIAL BOARDS OF THE VOLKSSTAAT AND THE ZUKUNFT TO THE EDITORIAL BOARD OF THE VOLKSSTAAT The Paris-Journal, one of the most successful organs of the Paris police press, published an article in its March 14 issue, under the sensational heading "Le Grand Chef de l'Internationale"a ("Grand Chef...


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